Camp Fire Rescued Animals

01/14/19: The Del Oro Oroville Emergency Shelter is now closed. All animals have been relocated to local shelters. All photos on this site have location information directly below each one.

If you do not see your pet on our site please keep checking back, and please search our supporting partners' websites listed on our resources page, who have all stepped up to aid our community by taking in animals. We are also working to add all of their photos to our page. Updates are made daily.

We will continue to update the site every day as animals come in and as pets are reunited. Our goal is to reunite you with your beloved pets. Please be patient as we manage the massive number of animals that are brought in to our care. If you see a familiar face, please contact the shelter where your pet is located. You must provide photo ID of your pet, describe unique markings or identifiers, or let them know anything else that will help them ID the pet as yours. Even if you can't take your pet right away, please come to identify him or her so they have your contact information.

For questions, call 530-895-0000. You may need to leave a message, but we will call you back.

Our hearts are with you all.