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E-STEM at Home

Learn about Horse Hooves!

With Tom, The Ferrier

Learn about Artesian Wells

Make Play Doh at home!

Explore the Vernal Pond

With Erica!

Visit the Reptiles

With Alaina!

Make a DIY Lava Lamp

Eggbert Egg Drop Challenge

NASA Mystery Item Topographic Activity (Click Photo)

Pepper & Soap Experiment (Click Photo)

Make Ice Cream at Home

Make a Dessert Aquarium

Visit the Reptile House with Erica

Make a Marshmallow Catapult

Cloud in a Jar Experiment

Clouds & Rain Experiment

Sink or Float Buoyancy Lab

Bridging the Gap Challenge (Click Photo)

DIY Sundial Experiment (Click Photo)

camp fun!

Go Down the Zip Line

Spot the Difference! (Click Photo for full Challenge)

Make a Nature Craft (Click Photo)

Take a Walk with the Horses

Campfire Cooking 1


Campfire Cooking 2


Campfire Cooking 3

Mountain Pies!

Kayak around the Lake!

Campfire Mad Lib!

(Click Photo to Download)

Mindfulness Activity

(Click Photo)

Make a DIY Spinner!

(Click Photo)

Color the Copneconic Sign!

(Click Photo to Download)

Make a Mother's Day Craft!

(Click Photo)

Visit the Ranch!

See some Signs of Spring

Listen to our Summer Playlist!

(Click Photo)

Fat Tire Bike Ride

Nature Scavenger Hunt

(Click Photo)

Copneconic Word Search

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Campfire Songs 1

Campfire Skits

Campfire Songs 2

character development



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Comfort Zone


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Weekly challenges

Weekly Challenge 1

Coin Catching Game

Weekly Challenge 2

Cheerio Stacking

Weekly Challenge 3

Blindfolded Drawing

Weekly Challenge 4

7 Second Challenge