Camouflage Show

Nov. 9 – 16, 2017

First Floor

1. On potted palm plant near S151

2. Room N115 window

3. In room N120, on the farthest left window on the bottom sill in the corner.

5. Southwest part of South bar, under the ramp railing

6. On table of vending machine room.

7. On first aid box on S100 hallway between vending machine room and restroom

8. On N107 window

9. Announcement board near restroom near N120 classroom

10. North bar women’s restroom sign

Second Floor

1. In front of room 209

2. First aid box by S285

3. Window of room S279. South bar near printmaking studios.

4. Across from N207 on the side of the women’s bathroom. Look right above the floor.

5. In the lounge area in front of the Study Abroad Cortona poster on the ground.

6. Lounge area by railing.

7. Lounge area in corner by window.

8. In the N205 hallway, near the bookshelf

9. By rock and rope sculpture outside room S270A.

Third Floor

1. Vending machine room in South Bar. To the left of the snack machine

2. Vending machine room in South Bar, on second chair from right

3. Vending machine room in South Bar, on right drink machine

4. Vending machine room in South Bar by coke machine

5. NW stairwell, in front of column

6. Near N335 by green sofa

7. On floor of window by room S391