Camera Crews

Corporate Benefits to Filming Conferences and Training Sessions

Corporations are always seeking ways to reduce costs, increase productivity, and accomplish more with less. This concept helps to funnel resources into research and development, marketing, and staying steps ahead of the competition.

Restructuring, downsizing, moving out of the country, automation, and advanced technology are some ways this is being accomplished. Those methods take time and will not result in fast reductions in overall cost.

Reducing Costs in the Interim

While these actions are in the planning stages, costs can be reduced by filming conferences and training sessions. The ideal sounds minimal but is quite effective. Hosting a conference takes planning and money with no guarantee of getting a full return on the investment. Entrance fees may cover the costs if enough people attend. It is difficult to send a large delegation to a conference because every other corporation is trying to cut expenses as well.

Hiring local camera crews to film the conference will help with finances on two fronts. The first is having a copy for reference so all employees can eventually view it without the travel costs or the overtime costs of going to the conference. That also makes it available for new hires to watch.

The second is that copies can be offered for sale to other corporations that may have provided speakers or were only able to send one or two professionals to the original conference. This means the conference generates income in two ways and will increase the chances of a full return and maybe a bit of a profit.

Training Sessions

The cost of bringing in professional trainers for safety, specific procedures, and body mechanics is well worth it to reduce liability, workers compensation claims, and any property damage. Having employees trained with relevant examples and on machinery or equipment they will be working with increases productivity and has a greater impact than a general training on a video.

To eliminate that cost every time a group of new employees needs to go through training will save a significant amount of money and time. Local camera crews can be hired to film training sessions so they are available for new hires and experienced staff to view as annual refresher courses.