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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Camera Crew

Videos remain hot on the internet today, and many companies are opting to add video productions to their marketing budgets. However, a company may wonder how much they should pay camera crews. What factors go into the cost of hiring a professional crew of this type?

Lighting Crew

Some crews have individuals who do nothing more than handle the lighting and electricity for the production. Individuals in the field must be in a union to work professionally on a film. As a result, a company pays more for having this professional on their production crew. The union sets the minimum wage, which depends on the hours or weeks on the set. However, an experienced worker can negotiate a higher fee.

Production Crew

The number of individuals working on this crew varies by the shoot. For example, some productions require special effects workers, and others will need vehicle wranglers to manage any vehicles used in the production. The pay for this crew depends on who is needed, whether they are working on a union set, licensing requirements, and more. However, many individuals looking to gain experience will accept the minimum wage simply to put the job on their resume.

Camera Operators

Small productions only require the use of one camera. Nevertheless, a company may wish to have multiple operators to ensure no aspect of a shot is missed. Furthermore, someone experienced in using a telescopic crane, a Steadicam, or a 3D camera may be needed. The pay varies based on the skills required for the production.

Sound Crew

In addition, a company may wish to look into camera crews with sound crew members. For example, if the production contains special effects, the sound crew becomes of great help in ensuring everything sounds as it should. The fee charged by these individuals varies greatly, with those in a union or craft organization demanding higher rates.

These are only a few of the crew members that may be needed for your production. Speak to several crews before making a decision, and be sure to ask who handles the different tasks. If one person is doing all of the work, the fee will be lower. However, the production quality may decrease as well, so keep this in mind when choosing.