Tenants satisfaction survey 2016- findings

Survey was completed by 17 CPG tenants, 9 professionals/colleagues and 2 family members in September/October 2016. The return rate for residents was 59%, which is slightly less that in our previous survey done in 2013 which was 62%.

Collection methods:

- tenants could complete the survey with the help of staff;

- tenants could complete the survey by themselves and return it in a provided stamped envelope;

- everyone could complete it online; link to it was sent by AC to all contacts on his mailing list; it was also advertised via CPG Facebook site.

We have decided to use the same questions as we did in 2013, so that we could compare results. We have not included any questions regarding support as we found previously that it was not clear if we meant CPG or Metropolitan support. Some new questions were added regarding usage of social media and internet to establish whether CPG needed to look at new ways of communication with our tenants e.g. by email. The result is that even though CPG provides internet connections to all shared properties, not many of our residents use it.

Main findings and comparison with previous survey

Staff team.

81.5% of tenants stated that staff treat them with respect.

Results from 2013 were 100%

85.7% of responders would recommend our accommodation.

Results from 2013 were 100%

85.2% of people said that staff smile and make them feel welcome.

Results from 2013 were 92%

Most responders replied that question about staff respecting their religious beliefs was not relevant to them (59.3%) and one person stated that we did not respect it.

Do you think that the rent provides value for money?

63% of people said ‘yes’, 11% (3 responders) said ‘no’ and 25.9% replied ‘not relevant’

Comment: High number of people said the question was not relevant as “the rent is covered by state” and not them personally.

Do we consult enough before changing things?

66.7% of responders said ‘yes’., 14.8% said ‘no’ and 18.5% stated that the question was not relevant to them.

In 2013 77% of people said ‘yes’.

Do you think that Pringle Group listens to your views and acts upon them?

74.1% people said ‘yes’

This was a new question, so no comparison available.

Do you feel able to complain about staff?

77.8% of our residents agreed with this statement.

Results from 2013 were 69%

How safe do you feel in your home?

82.3% of our tenants responded ‘very happy’ or ‘happy’

84% of people said they felt safe in 2013.

New Questions for 2016

How happy are you with your neighbourhood as a place to live?

66.6% of respondents are ’happy’ or ‘very happy’ with their neighbourhood.

How happy are you with the quality of your home?

66.6% of respondents are ‘happy’ or ‘very happy’ with the quality of the home.

How happy are you in your home?

64.7% of tenants are ‘happy’ or ‘very happy’. One person stated that s/he was unhappy.

How safe do you feel in your home?

Majority of people feel safe (82.3%). One person stated that s/he felt neither safe or unsafe and one person said that s/he was unhappy when it comes to the safety (please see the comment at the end).

Questions about the “out of hours” service

Have you contacted the “out of hours” service?

45% said ‘yes’, another 45% ‘no’ and 2 people stated they did not know that we had one.

How happy were you with speed of answer/reply?

53.9% of people said they were ‘happy’ or ‘very happy’ and 46% were neither ‘happy’ nor ‘unhappy’.

Were you satisfied with the outcome?

71.5% of responders stated that they were ‘happy’ or ‘very happy’

Please note that the number of responses do not correspond with each other. Only 9 people said they have contacted the ‘out of hours’ , but 13 people answered both questions about the outcome of it. Potential explanation is that our service users are confused about the service.

Questions to tenants in shared houses only (some people in one bed flats replied to the questions as well)

How happy are you with the cleaning service?

69.3% people replied ‘happy’ or ‘very happy’.

How happy are you with the gardening service?

58.8% of people said ‘very happy’ or ‘happy’.

How happy are you with the maintenance service?

77.8% of people said ‘very happy’ or ‘happy’.

How happy are you with the shared areas equipment? Cookers etc

77.3% of people said ‘very happy’ or ‘happy’. One person stated that s/he was unhappy.

Usage of social media/internet

Please note that the results of this section are not accurate. It was stated clearly that the questions in this section should be answered by tenants only, but 23 people replied to them, whilst only 17 of the total number of responders were our residents.

Do you have internet connection where you live?

60.9% of responders said ‘yes’, 3 people replied ‘do not know/not relevant’.

Do you use Facebook regularly?

50% of people said ‘yes’.

Do you use Email regularly?

52.4% respondents said’ yes’.

Do you use other social media regularly?

It was an open question. One person said Instagram and one Google Play.

Have you visited the Pringle website?

47.3% said ‘yes’. One person stated that s/he was unaware that we had one.

Have you visited the Pringle Facebook?

6 people (28.5%) visited it. Two people said they did not know we had one.

Those who completed it were able to leave comments and the end of the survey. Please see them below:

Found all staff friendly helpful and professional.

I say I feel unsafe at home as have flimsy old door. Need a new front door

Thank you. I am very happy where I live

I am happy living here

I think Pringle Group are good people, and would help with problems.

The maintenance service has been so prompt, and helpful, enabling me to live happily in this flat.

Action Plan in relation to results of 2016 Survey.

Section 1 Staff related.

Overall this was very disappointing to see, the team works hard at making the resident an active and welcome part of the Pringle Group.

One point to note is that the feedback is honest and that the residents do not feel unable to express these views.

We have over the last 12 months been proactively updating some long overdue maintenance. In essence it has caused disruption and discomfort to some residents.

One property is undergoing significant updating.

Two of the four residents who were together over 5 years moved on. We felt that this would be an ideal time to update the property.

Rooms require full refurbishment, wiring, light fittings, furniture, windows, curtains, carpets etc. and in one case new ensuite, effectively £20k of works.

This level of disruption and having to move rooms (for short time) will be upsetting and unsettling.

Staff have been as courteous as possible and giving as much advance warnings as possible however I am aware that “staff don't listen” can be interpreted as staff don't do what I want, especially in the case of major works.

Action Plan

Major works to be looked at 6 monthly and planned well ahead of time. “Taking the opportunity” to advance timescales should only be done with residents full knowledge and compliance.

Review at next survey.

Section 2 How happy are you in your home

Overall it appears residents are quite happy with location and security of premises. This validates the property type and locations chosen.

Action Plan

Continue as existing.

Section 3 Out of normal hours service.

The out of hours service is specifically for the reporting of maintenance issues, it is however a point of contact for all residents, One of the main concerns was the ability of residents to contact us. This requires a resident to have access to a phone (with credit). Be able to accurately write the tel number down and then ring that number.

Due to the nature of on call staff go about their normal life and activities on some occasions calls can be missed (not woken up). There have been some cases where a very poor response was given by inexperienced team member.

Action Plan

Call divert to be set up on the main tel line.

Out of Hours Magnet given to all residents so they have details and the “criteria” to hand.

Section 5 Shared property

Satisfaction was low in Haverhill mainly.

Within the two shared houses in Haverhill there was a lower level of satisfaction in relation to cleaning / maintenance and gardening. This is a true reflection, Haverhill has until recently been quite isolated from the central core of activities and is often “missed out” during routine gardening etc.

With regard to cleaning we have a good cleaner in Haverhill but her role has been very difficult with unwelcome visitors and ASB.

Action Plan

Dedicated gardening and possible maintenance service in Haverhill to reflect the 15 bed spaces (rather than stretching Simon).

Secondly Ely should also be watched carefully as the isolated element of the properties is very similar to the development of Haverhill.

Cleaner to be given better support and instruction.

Section 6 Social Media

We asked to ensure that appropriate resources are being used.

Our website and Facebook pages are visited and used. It is also important to note that 50% of residents have no / dont use any form of internet / social media.

Action Plan

Ensure that we communicate via paper as much as we do via electronic communications. We have discussed using a newsletter previously this may be a method of addressing this shortfall in communication.

Section 7 Other Comments

This I hope truly reflects the way our residents do regard our service.