spring 2019

Audition Information

Wind Ensemble & Symphonic Winds

Audition Instructions:

1. If you are a new student, fill out the online personnel form: CPP Bands Personnel Form . Do not fill out if you are returning from Fall 2018. There is no audition required for students only interested in Concert Band or Percussionists (unless you are a new member).

2. For Spring 2019, auditions will occur on January 23, 2019 during rehearsal times (2-6pm) in Rm 105. All returning and new members are required to audition for placement in the Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Winds. The results may require you to drop/add a band depending on your placement; keep your schedule open from 2 - 8pm on Mondays/Wednesdays.

3. Spring Audition Schedule, Wednesday 1/23/19

Location: Bldg 24, Room 105 (Bandroom)


      • 2:00pm, Flutes/Piccolo
      • 2:15pm, Clarinets/Bass Clarinets
      • 2:35pm, Oboe/Bassoons
      • 2:45pm, Trumpets
      • 3:00pm, Trombones/Horns
      • 3:20pm, Euphoniums/Tubas
      • 3:30pm, Saxophones (Alto/Tenor/Bari)
      • 3:45pm, Percussion (new members)


      • 4:00pm, Flutes/Piccolo
      • 4:20pm, Clarinets/Bass Clarinets
      • 4:35pm, Saxophones (Alto/Tenor/Bari)
      • 5:00pm, Trumpets/Horns
      • 5:20pm, Trombones
      • 5:30pm, Euphoniums/Tubas
      • 5:40pm, Oboe/Bassoons
      • 5:50pm, Percussion (new members)

4. Scroll down for your appropriate musical excerpt to prepare for the audition. Please print out the musical excerpt to bring to your audition. Play the "highlighted" bracketed section(s) on the excerpt. Percussion, please scroll to the bottom of this page for your audition excerpts.

5. If you need to rent an instrument and/or locker for the audition, please visit the following webpages:

Instruments - http://www.cpp.edu/~class/music/current-students/instrument-rental-policy.shtml

Lockers - http://www.cpp.edu/~class/music/current-students/locker-rental-policy.shtml

Scheduling your classes:

If you intend to perform in a band, then do not schedule any classes during these times:

  • WIND ENSEMBLE: Mondays & Wednesdays, 2:00–3:50 PM (MU 3530L Wind Ensemble)
  • SYMPHONIC WINDS: Mondays & Wednesdays, 4:00–5:50 PM (MU 3520L Concert Band)
  • CONCERT BAND: Wednesdays, 6:00–7:50 PM (MU 3550A University Band)

By avoiding these days & times, you will not create a scheduling conflict between band rehearsal times and your other classes.

Wind Ensemble & Symphonic Winds musicians, please prepare:

The provided audition excerpt, see below. Please pay attention to the indicated tempo, style, and expressive markings for the utmost musical interpretation. Perform the "highlighted" bracketed section(s).

Spring 2019 Audition excerpts:


*Click on the upper right icon to download the packet.

Percussion Audition Packet 2018-2019.pdf