Steps to Calm Down, Connect and Teach Instead Of Screaming

Every kid has the capability to drive parents crazy. In fact, it’s the major drawback of strong-willed children that their stubbornness can be the sufficient reason to make the parents angry. But, it remains to be the parents’ choice what to do in response. Some parents start screaming and then they feel remorseful. And some parents choose to remain silent and calm, and wait for the right time to ‘teach’ lesson.

Based on effectiveness, we can easily conclude that latter kind of parents is the best one. They can achieve anything when it comes to parenting. The matter of fact is that there are a lot of positive things that you can do before you start getting angry. Remaining silent is the first step towards gaining the self-control which you should have in order to become a peaceful parent.

Here are a few things that you can consider to get started.

Remain silent no matter how angry you are

Bite your tongue. Resist the urge to scream. Focus on something else when you start getting angry at your kid. Perhaps, the best thing you can do is to think that your screaming is only going to put your kids and everyone around you in sheer danger. So, when you will start seeing your anger as something dangerous for you and the others, you will find it more logical, and easier, to remain silent.

There is no emergency

When we yell at our kids, we usually have this sense of emergency regarding correcting their wrongs. Well, you need to tell yourself that there is no emergency because kids are going to stay here with you. In fact, yelling and screaming is going to put a fear in their heads. This fear is the very ingredient which is going to push them away from you.

Just walk away from the scene

It’s not about walking away physically. It is rather about taking your mind to an outside drive. However, it would just be great if you physically move away. You can tell your kids that you would come back in a moment. While you are away, think about positive things. Assure yourself that you can teach your kids in a better way when you are not upset. Research shows that when parents get upset and give a show about it, they make the children more upset.

Change your thoughts

You have these negative feelings because what you think is negative. You may think that your kid is the spoiled fellow who is going to become a thug after growing up. If you keep thinking like this, you are not going to become a calmer person ever. Instead, you can remind yourself some facts which can very relaxing. You need to keep in mind that your child is just a child, and that what he needs is love and empathy from your side. The reason for stubbornness in kids is usually the presence of insecure feelings in their hearts. So make sure that you are acknowledging their emotions.

Teach after calming down

Surely you don’t want your kid to misbehave again. So, you shouldn’t forget about telling what’s right after you calm down. So, teaching your kid after cooling down is the best thing you can do ensure that your kid is not developing a habit of misbehaving.