Salesforce Connected App & User's access

For use Call Utils for Salesforce end users need permission "API Enabled". This is required for access any API. This permission is already granted on default profiles like "System Administrator", "Standard User", "Marketing User" even on "Read Only". This permission can be granted on Profile or some Permission set.

As expected, for reading and creating Contacts and Accounts and creating Tasks, Events and audio Attachments it's necessary that the end user has privileges to do that.

Salesforce Connected Apps

Call Utils is a Salesforce Connected App. You can read the documentation here .

Quote from above documentation:

A "Connected App" is an application that can connect to over Identity and Data APIs. Connected Apps use the standard OAuth 2.0 protocol to authenticate, provide Single Sign-On, and acquire access tokens for use with Salesforce APIs. In addition to the standard OAuth capabilities supported by the existing Remote Apps feature (which Connected Apps is designed to replace), Connected Apps add additional levels of control, allowing administrators explicit control over who can use the application, and various security policies to be enforced by the application.

How to get Call Utils for Salesforce

  • The simplest way is to download Android app from Google Play and login (for example to clear Developer Edition sandbox). After that you'll be able to see Call Utils for Salesforce in Connected Apps list. Troubleshooting: If Call Utils for Salesforce is not in Connected App, you can find it in the Connected Apps OAuth Usage, and you must install it manually. See screenshots below.
  • The second way - download from AppExchange - coming soon after beta release.

How to find Connected App Call Utils for Salesforce

In the Salesforce Classic you can find Setup > Manage Apps > Connected Apps

In the Salesforce Lightning Experience you can find Setup > Apps > Connected Apps > Manage Connected Apps

Grant access for end users

On the Connected App detail page, it's possible edit policies and set mainly OAuth policies (All users may self-authorize / Admin approved users are pre-authorized), Session Policies or IP Relaxation / Restrictions.