Troubleshooting - Speech to text

The Speech to text feature depends on Google Speech API. This service is paid externally (with free limits) and your administrator must set the service credentials in your Salesforce. For the setting, please follow this administrator manual.

Salesforce settings are not propagated to the Android app

Connected app attributes are cached (even if it was not set previously). Uninstall and install the Android application again and after log in, check the settings page in the Android app.

Some error message

If you'll get an error message like the following screenshot, admin have not enabled Google Speech API in the Google Cloud Console. It's a common mistake because it's possible get service account credentials without enabling this API.

You can't find final transcription

For the security reason, it's not possible to listen audio or read the final speech to text transcription directly in the Call Utils Android application. You can find these data in your Salesforce, on the Cantact's or Account's activity history. There will be a log record (Task or Event) with MP3 attachment and transcription in the description field.

Wrong results - wrong language

The Call Utils tries to detect your default language from your Android locale. Sometimes you can prefer, for example English locale, but you naturally speak for example German. In this situation Speech API return wrong results and you need to setup your Speech to text language (in the settings page) in the Call Utils Android application.

Wrong results - too many errors

If everything works quite fine for you, you can see results, but you are unsatisfied with the final text transcription - we are sorry but we can't help you. The Call Utils for Salesforce only provide the way for use Google Speech API and we can't improve it. We have only some advices like to speak slowly and don't speak simultaneously.