Mongol Empire

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Clan Rules

The Clan is fairly laid back but there are a few simple rules....

1. Be Present/Active

  • Most of us have jobs and families and this is just a F***ing game. We get that. However we don't like to see dead accounts. At minimum you should:

    1. Have a league badge within 5 days of the start of each season. All you have to do to achieve this is have one attack.

    2. Have a number in donate or receive. Not everyone can donate an E-Drag but everyone can request troops to show us you have a pulse.

2. War and CWL are not mandatory (However...)

  • If your war status is green all attacks are required.

3. Clan Games are mandatory

  • All clan members are required to take part in Clan Games when it is available at your Townhall Level.

  • Each member should attempt to achieve 1,000 points. Minimum.

4. Don't be a dick :)

  • Remember, this is just a game. Things will go wrong , people will make mistakes and attacks will fail. There is nothing wrong with talking a bit of shit and bagging on each other. Just don't be a dick and everything will be fine.

That's It

If you have a problem, for example if you are going on vacation or serving a week in jail cause you did not pay your parking tickets on time, just let us know. That is all it takes. We'll know your alive and hope that you remember not to bend over to pick up the soap in the shower.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • This clan has been around for a while. Established in 2012.

  • Everyone is not a Leader, Co-Leader, or Elder. Mostly because we are not 12 year old's that have to be in charge. Leadership is a burden. Trust Me on that. We will promote as we see fit. It will largely be based on activity level. Want to see your Activity Score? Click on the link in the banner above.

  • If you have questions the best course of action is to ask Peat or Smash in clan chat.

Email Notification Group

<<Email Closed at this Time>>

If you would like you can join our Email Notification Group. This group is a one-way push where we will post important announcements. Your email address will remain anonymous to all members and will never be used for any purpose except clan communications. For your convenience, instructions for taking yourself off the distribution list are contained in every email. To join the group <click here> and click the "Ask to join group" button at the top of the page. VERY IMPORTANT.... Your display name needs to be set to your village name. Anything else will be rejected.

War Frequency

We will have Clan War 2 X week. War search will start at roughly 10:00 PM (EST) on Sunday and Wednesday. Be sure to set your war preference.

War Strategy

We will send a Clan Mail with any details on war strategy. Detailed information, if necessary, will be pushed out through the Email Notification Group. When in doubt about what to do, ask.