California Road Sign

Stencils Required to Safely Mark a Parking Lot

Very few people appreciate the order and safety that parking lot stencils provide until the paint is faded or worn off. When that transpires, there is chaos. No one knows exactly where the crosswalks are located. Drivers are going in all different directions through the rows, which increases the chances of accidents. People use faded paint as an excuse to park in handicapped spaces and in fire lanes.


It is dangerous to allow parking lots to fade to an excessive degree. Liability risks spike, there will be arguments among customers before they get through the door, and the police may have to be called more than usual. The situation is also not good for business. People will avoid the chaos, be hesitant to park when people are yelling at each other, and decide to go to another business and spend their money.

An Experienced Paving Company

Call an experienced company to remedy the situation because they will have all the stencils needed. There are arrows, slanted lines for pedestrian safety, handicapped emblems or wording to mark those spaces, and word stencils to reinforce directional signs. A bright yellow “STOP”, or “FIRE LANE” on the ground will get noticed when the signs are not seen.

High Quality Stencils for Multiple Uses

The ideal thickness for stencils is one-eighth of an inch. Plastic is the best material because it is efficient, cost effective, and easy to clean off. A high or low density polyethylene plastic (abbreviated HDPE or LDPE) can be ordered depending on customer preferences. Custom lettering or graphics are available as well in any size desired from the stencil manufacturer.

All stencils or signs are manufactured to comply with both California Department of Transportation (DOT), and the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations. Whether a california road sign or a business logo for the main entrance is needed, it can be completed with short turnaround times. This manufacturer has been in business for forty years and has acquired a variety of skills and machinery. The Sign Shop department, for example, can cut custom shapes or flat-cut lettering in wood, PVC, aluminum, acrylic, sign foam materials, and chemically treated metals.