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What is Educore?

Educore is the district-recognized central peer tutoring platform at California High School, created to support our determined students and educators. Our organization offers one-on-one peer tutoring on a wide variety of subjects to ensure every student can get the help they need at the time they need it. We hope to connect students to promote a brilliant and supportive educational community that allows its members to grow and succeed throughout their learning journeys. Tutoring is a key aspect of learning that develops confidence in our fellow Grizzlies, and as such, Educore and its members are proud to promote such a culture in a school filled with students eager to broaden their horizons!

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We are always open to hear what students, tutors, teachers, and parents have to say about our program. Feel free to reach out to us regarding any questions, concerns, or simply to let us know how we’re doing!

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