west hillhurst community association


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1940 6 Ave NW, map



  • $6 CPC Members, $8 non-Members
  • $55 10-session punch-card (available at the WHCA office during business hours, cash only)
  • Nickels, dimes & quarters are not accepted!


  • $25 + GST, must be a CPC Member and WHCA Community Member


  • $200 + GST, must be a CPC Member and WHCA Community Member

Monthly and Annual passes may be purchased from the WHCA office during business hours, or online here. (Please note a fee is assessed by the online payment processor.)

Please see the advantages of CPC membership here.

session pre-registration

Certain sessions/play types require advance signup. These sessions may have limited capacity, and/or may only be available to CPC members.

  • Sessions which require advance signup are indicated with 'click here' in the Sign Up column of the Schedule.
  • All sessions at West Hillhurst with advance signup are currently managed using Sign Up Genius. Please click here to register for a free Sign Up Genius account, if you do not already have one.
  • Please click here to visit the West Hillhurst Sign Up Genius page, which will be visible after a CPC volunteer has added your Sign Up Genius account to the applicable list.

Please do not attend a session with advance signup if the session is full, or if you have not signed up using Sign Up Genius.

session types

Please see all the details for each session type (Open, Level, etc...) here.

Absolutely all sessions involve friendly play! Different sessions may involve varying amounts of competition and/or skill -- or a complete lack thereof.

Hosts have discretion to manage all sessions in order to maximize fun and participation, within the guidelines of each session type.