Player Development

Training Levels

CPC offers at least four levels (Skill Levels as defined by the Pickleball Canada standards) of training /coaching / mentorship to our membership as follows:

  • Introduction to Pickleball (for new players – Level 1.0);
  • Novice (Level 1.0 to 2.0);
  • Intermediate (Level 2.5 to 3.0); and,
  • Advanced (Level 3.5+).

Training, with the exception of Advanced Level, is provided to CPC members at no additional charge beyond the site entry fee at this time. Advanced Level training costs are based on the cost to bring in a qualified “Advanced Level” trainer.

Skills and Drills

To see the scheduled Skills and Drills sessions and how to register, click here (none currently scheduled).

Lesson Packages

Novice and Intermediate Level Lesson Packages will typically be scheduled over an eight week period with one week between lessons to practice what you have learned. These sessions are available to all CPC members.

Lesson Order (typically 1.5 hours each)

Novice Lesson Package

  1. Pickleball Fundamentals
  2. Dinking
  3. Forehand / Backhand Groundstrokes
  4. Serve and Return of Serve
  5. Volley / Blocking / Punch Shot
  6. 3rd / 5th shot drop
  7. Lobs / Smash
  8. Basic Strategies

Intermediate Lesson Package

  1. Ready Position / Dinking
  2. Groundstrokes & Serve / Return of Serve
  3. Volley / Blocking / Punch Shot
  4. 3rd / 5th shot drop
  5. Lobs / Smash
  6. Basic Strategies 1
  7. Basic Strategies 2
  8. Play Session

Interested Facilities may negotiate Location and Timing of training sessions at their facilities through

  • First location to commit will be provided the desired session
  • Minimum 12 / maximum 24 Students per session (3 – 6 available courts for training)
  • CPC will handle training registration on behalf of the facility if interested

CPC Regulations Regarding Lessons

  • Novice players may only take the series of lessons once at the Novice Skill Level;
  • You must be at the 2.5 Skill Level iaw Pickleball Canada Skill Level Ratings to take Intermediate Level series and may only take the series of lessons once at this Skill Level;
  • Players that have had the majority of the lessons previously are requested to allow other players access to the lesson package. CPC reserves the right to remove a registered participant that is contravening this request.
  • Training for non-CPC members may be provided for a fee of $7.50 per hour (or part thereof) per player (exclusive of site drop in fee) based upon a minimum class size of 12 and will be dependent upon instructor availability.

About our Instructors

CPC Lead Instructors have completed or are in the process of completing their International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association (IPTPA) Training Certification.

Questions associated with Player Development may be directed to