Indoor Pickleball

The Calgary Pickleball Club has begun it’s 2021-2022 fall and winter indoor pickleball season. We are hosting play at 10 locations in Calgary and area, 7 days of the week. The playing sessions at all our venues are divided by skill level. Players can sign up for their skill level and play with others of similar skills. We are also offering a series of clinics and lessons every month. You will find the indoor schedules on our Locations page, Lesson and Clinic information on the Player Development page, and club news and information on our News page.

Vaccination Update

Please be aware that the Vaccination regulations for indoor recreation will change beginning October 25th. You are required to show a full vaccination record, meaning 2 doses, or a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours of playing. If you have recently received your second vaccine dose, you must wait 14 days.

Membership Profile Information

Please check your email address. If you are sharing an address with someone else, you may not receive emails. If your email has changed since you joined, go into your Pickleball Canada account, and update it. Also, some members have not checked off the box on their membership profile to receive emails and newsletters. We have discovered quite a few members are using different email addresses for their CPC membership and their (SUG) account. You can not do this! This may prevent you from receiving sign up notifications and prevent you from signing up for a session in SUG. Please use one email address per person in both SUG and your CPC membership. If you have questions email:

Sign Up Genius

All CPC members have been set up in the SignUp Genius (SUG) software used by CPC to register play sessions and clinics. If you have not registered for your free SUG account (, please do so. Use one email address for both SUG and your CPC membership. You must use the same email address for both, and you can not share an email with someone else. Emails In SUG, for registration purposes, must be unique.

Volunteers Needed

The next CPC Annual Meeting is in January, and we are looking for nominees to run for the Board of Directors. Several elected positions will be vacant, and we need people for committees like Facility Management, Scheduling and Internet Technology. We are looking for people with accounting, organizational, scheduling, digital management, and social media communication.

Skill level rating

Assessing your own skill level is very important. If you do not have a club or tournament rating, please do not over-rate your skill. If you are guessing a self-rating, it is better to start low and work up. If you put your self in a group which is above your skill level, you will be asked to move to a group with a lower skill level.

Here are some resources and links to help you decide your skill level.

2021 CPC Host Party

(posted Sept 30, 2021)

Thank you to all our outdoor coordinators and hosts for all your time and work organizing our summer pickleball play at North Glenmore Park, Richmond Green and Brentwood. CPC held a windup party for the coordinators and hosts at North Glenmore Park on Saturday September 25th. We had over 60 volunteers at our 3 outdoor locations during the summer and 35 were able to make it for the party. Each volunteer receives a CPC towel as an appreciation gift. Thank you for volunteering and making our summer pickleball such a success!

We had an incredible turn out this summer and we have certainly opened some eyes in the City of Calgary Recreation Department. CPC booked over 400 playing sessions between June and September.

We hosted pickleball 3 hours a day, everyday, at the North Glenmore and Richmond Green pickleball courts and 3 hours a day, 5 days, at the Brentwood pickleball courts. The actual number of individual players who turned out at the 3 locations over the summer, ranged from 360 in June to 534 in August. Once again thank you for your support.

Rally Rebels Tournament

(posted Sept 30, 2021)

Rally Rebels Tournment Write Up.pdf