DUPR Rating System to Become the Pickleball Standard, along with its subsidiaries, the PPA Tour,, and, will adopt DUPR (Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating) as its official and exclusive rating system.

“Today is a watershed moment for the sport of pickleball, marking the unification of the amateur game. This partnership will enable and to create more innovative amateur player experiences, optimize ratings, and most importantly, grow the game we all love,” said Jill Braverman, CEO of DUPR. will serve as the home for all DUPR events, including DUPR Waterfall Tournaments, Flex, and Team leagues. DUPR will remain the Official Pickleball Rating of the PPA Tour.

"...We are excited about removing the confusion and inconsistencies caused by having multiple rating systems. Coalescing around a single rating system will eliminate unnecessary distractions and allow us to continue to focus on enabling fair and fun competition in both recreational and tournament play," said Melissa McCurley, CEO of

Pickleball is the fastest-growing and most popular participatory sport in North America. DUPR and have independently promoted this growth and will continue to provide solutions to meet the evolving needs of the growing community.

The Calgary Pickleball Club adopted DUPR as it's internal skill level measurement system in May of 2022. The aim is to allow all members to enjoy playing pickleball with partners and against other players who have similar skills and experience. Registering with DUPR and recording game scores on a regular basis will allow all members to have a fair and accurate skill level rating. CPC congratulates and DUPR for this very important amalgamation and looks forward to a new unified rating system.

Pickleball Alberta also supports this advancement in pickleball ratings management. "The timing of this announcement works right into the confusion about the number of rating systems", says Kirk Jensen, President of Pickleball Alberta. In Canada we use Pickleball Brackets for our tournaments which will now be using DUPR algorithm. Those that play in the US, system will also be using DUPR. For many of recreation players, you will still be using your club rating as done by a recognized club evaluator.

Set Up Your CPC "DUPR" Account

The Calgary Pickleball Club uses the Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating or “DUPR” to help measure pickleball skill levels for all club activities. Go to our DUPR page to join DUPR and set up a CPC club account.

CPC promotes the need for more pickleball courts

The Calgary Pickleball Club was featured on the CBC Radio Eyeopener program, Thursday Nov. 24th. Host Judy Aldous interviewed CPC Past President Tony Tighe about the growth of pickleball and the need for more dedicated courts in #Calgary.

CPC Summer Roundup 2022

The Calgary Pickleball Club held the Summer Roundup Tournament on Saturday, September 17, 2022. 125 CPC members took part in the day long tournament at the Oakridge Racquet Club outdoor courts in Calgary. There were 265 games played on 12 courts during the day.

A team of over 2-dozen CPC volunteers planned, organized, and ran the tournament. On behalf of the CPC Board and all it’s members, “thank you for all your time and effort”. We also want to recognise all the members who volunteered to be referees for many of the games.

Congratulations to all the competitors and medalists. We hope you enjoyed the day.

We have created a "google-drive" link to see photos of players in action during the games and the medal ceremonies. Check this link to find yourself or your team. Photos can be downloaded from this folder.

CPC Volunteers and Host Appreciation Day

The Calgary Pickleball Club hosted a special day to recognize our hardworking volunteers. Dozens of people have helped organize and host our summer outdoor pickleball sessions at North Glenmore Park, Richmond Green, Brentwood and Thornhill. Volunteers also helped with the weekly Novice-Mentor play, pickleball lessons and mini-camps and the Introduction to Pickleball Clinics. On Saturday, September 10th, it was our turn to thank the volunteers with a day of pickleball, door prizes and food. At least 40 people attended the event at the North Glenmore Park courts from 9 am to 1 pm. Our volunteers are the backbone of the club and we thank you very much!

Rally Rebels Second Annual Invitational

The end of season event for the Rally Rebel development ladies group at North Glenmore Park was held the Oakridge Racquet Club courts on Friday September 9th. 36 participants took part in the tournament and $400 was donated to the CPC Sports Development Fund.

First: Ilsa Wong. Second, Sue Stevenson Brown. Third: Doreen Bowman. Fourth: Kathy Young.

Special thanks to tournament organizers, Sherry Richardson & Sue Stevenson Brown.

Is Pickleball the New Fountain of Youth? just published an article on a new study into the benefits of pickleball for older adults. The lead researcher describes pickleball, “as a public health tool in many ways, both for achieving physical activity and for getting the psychological and social benefits that are so important as we age.” Here’s the article: Why Older People Love Pickleball So Much


We had an incredible turnout for DUPR Day, August 20th, at the North Glenmore Park pickleball courts. There were 60 people at the courts by 10 am. Between 9 am and 3 pm, we estimate over 80 players took part in the event and 120 DUPR games were played in 6 hours. CPC volunteers hosted open drop-in play all day and organized games for people that are of similar skill levels. Games were recorded and the players and their scores will be entered into the DUPR database. Each player will have a DUPR rating based on the results. CPC will be using DUPR ratings in the fall to organize some of the skill groups so the more DUPR games you play the more accurate your rating. "See the DUPR link on the CPC main page or log into":

Thank you to all the CPC volunteers who set up nets, hosted, organized play and recorded all the game results. You are all amazing!

Steve Deakin Pickleball Camps a huge success!

The Calgary Pickleball Club hosted a very successful week of training clinics and lessons with one of the top pickleball players in the world, Steve Deakin. Steve is from Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, and is a multiple medalist at the US Pickleball Nationals, US Open, Tournament of Champions, Canadian National Championships, and competes on the Professional Pickleball World Tour. He is also a certified Coach and runs a pickleball teaching academy. He was in Calgary August 1st to the 7th, to lead instructional clinics for the Calgary Pickleball Club, at the Oakridge Racquet Club outdoor courts.

During the seven days, he conducted 32 individual lessons and clinics with over 80 players. CPC members signed up for singles, doubles, group, and private sessions and the feedback was excellent. Thank you, Steve, for spending time with us and helping our club celebrate our 10th Anniversary. Steve also held a week of clinics and lessons in Edmonton as part an Alberta Tour.

Steve was interviewed about pickleball by Ted Henley with 770 CHQR Radio in Calgary. Listen to the conversation:

CPC Members Bring Home Medals

The Calgary Pickleball Club congratulates all the CPC members who took park in the Canada National Championships in Kingston, Ontario and the Alberta Provincial Championships in Medicine Hat. Our club was well represented in both events and a number of our members reached the medal rounds in both single and doubles categories, claiming gold, silver, and bronze medals in a variety of skill and age levels. Congratulations to the medalists and to all those who competed.

For a complete list of the Provincial Tournament results, go to:

For a complete list of the National Tournament results, go to:

Paddles up to all the organizers and volunteers in Medicine Hat and Kingston and to Pickleball Alberta and Pickleball Canada, for your time and effort. Pickleball continues to grow in popularity and credibility, thanks you’re your efforts.

The Calgary Pickleball Club is recognizing three CPC members for helping to save the life of a pickleball player during a CPC pickleball session in June of 2021. Lawrence Lees, Paul Babcock, and Helen Puls have been honoured by St. John Ambulance for their actions during the emergency.

On Friday, June 11, 2021, at the North Glenmore Park pickleball courts in Calgary, Glenn Woodford just finished a pickleball game, when he collapsed and stopped breathing. The CPC session host Helen Puls immediately phoned 911 for medical assistance and two other players, Lawrence Lees and Paul Babcock, who are retired firefighters, started administering CPR until paramedics arrived. During that time, Glenn was revived and stopped breathing, several times. Helen remained on the phone with 911, relaying vital information back and forth between the dispatcher and the rescuers. When Firefighters and EMS arrived, they took over the resuscitation efforts and Glenn was stabilized and transported to Foothills Hospital. Glenn has recovered and continues to play pickleball at North Glenmore Park.

Lawrence Lees and Paul Babcock were awarded the St. John Ambulance, Silver, National Life Saving Award. It recognizes individuals who have saved or attempted to save a life through the application of first aid knowledge and skills, where no risk to life exists to those individuals involved in the Life Saving act.

Helen Puls was awarded a St. John Ambulance (Alberta) Certificate of Commendation. This recognizes individuals who helped the casualty to a lesser degree, with or without the application of first aid.

Lawrence, Paul, and Helen were officially recognized on May 28th during the St. John Ambulance Award Ceremony at Government House in Edmonton. However, they received their awards and citation at a ceremony in Calgary on June 25th, surrounded by friends, family and of course, Glen Woodford.

Lawrence, Paul, Helen, Glenn, and their partners, have become good friends and socialize regularly. We’re told there has been a unique bonding with everyone involved in in this life-saving event.


Lawrence, Helen and Paul

Lawrence, Glenn, Paul and Helen

Lawrence, Glenn, Paul and Helen

June 13th, 2022 - CPC Teach the Teacher Workshop

Congratulations to all the CPC members who took part in the Teach the Teacher workshop on June 11th. IPTPA Master Teaching Professional Mike Cooper, lead the participants in a workshop to qualify for an IPTPA Level 1 Instructor. After they pass a written test, they are eligible to become IPTPA Level 1 instructors, who can lead CPC, Introduction to Pickleball clinics, and Novice pickleball lessons. Our thanks to Mike Cooper who spent several days in Calgary conducting skills and drills clinics for players and the teacher workshop.

June 11th, 2022 - Alberta Pickleball Day in Calgary

The Calgary Pickleball Club hosted Alberta Pickleball Day events on Saturday, June 11th. The public was invited to our outdoor courts to try, and learn, all about pickleball. Our main event was held at the North Glenmore Park courts in Southwest Calgary. Between 8 am and Noon, over 100 people, between the ages of 3 and 87, came out to play pickleball. Many were trying it for the first time. Thank you to our 40 CPC volunteers who were engaged with setting up the courts, greeting guests, ensuring everyone was fed + hydrated, managing waiting players, and teaching, mentoring and playing pickleball with our guests. Your passion for pickleball set such a happy tone for the day. CPC members also hosted Pickleball Day activities at the Brentwood courts in Northwest Calgary and Richmond Green, SW. Thank you to everyone who made this day possible.

Watch the story about the event from the CTV Calgary Evening News.

Annual General Meeting

The Calgary Pickleball Club held it’s Annual General Meeting on Sunday, January 16th. 115 CPC members joined the Zoom meeting.

During our last calendar year, May-Dec. 2021, our membership grew 53% from 992 members in May to 1515 members at the end of Dec. Thank you to the CPC members who dedicated over 3,000 volunteer hours to club events and activities. Attached are Director and Committee reports for May-Dec. 2021.

The 2022 CPC Budget was approved as submitted. 4 new members were elected to the CPC Board of Directors for a 2-year term - Sue Stevenson-Brown, Lyanne Wong, Lynn Lehr and Corey Aschenbrenner. They join the 3 Directors with 1 more year on their term – Sherry Richardson, Stephen Hansen, and Dennis Yasui. Leaving the Board are Directors, Tony Tighe, Paul Blaha, Pat Halls and Perry Young.

The new 2022 CPC Board of Directors held their first meeting after the AGM and Executive Positions were decided.

President – Sherry Richardson

Vice-President – Sue Stevenson-Brown

Treasurer – Lyanne Wong

Secretary – Lynn Lehr

Director – Stephen Hansen

Director – Dennis Yasui

Director – Corey Aschenbrenner