Camrose Pickleball Tournament

(posted Jan 24 2019)

Camrose Pickleball Club is hosting a sanctioned tournament May 4-5 2019. Click here for more information. Registrations open February 1 2019. You can register at

Tournament Results from Edmonton, AB

(posted Jan 6 2019)

Congratulations to all Calgary Pickleball Club members who participated in the Winter Classic the weekend of Dec 28-30. CPC medal winners are:

  • Men's Doubles 3.5: Tom Wong & Terence Wong GOLD MEDAL
  • Mixed Doubles 3.0: Terence Wong & Joan Li GOLD MEDAL
  • Mixed Doubles 3.0: Taylor Kanik & Haddow Thul SILVER MEDAL
  • Mixed Doubles 3.5: Tom Wong & Lyanne Wong GOLD MEDAL
  • Mixed Doubles 3.5: Susan Kanik & (Steve Katulka) BRONZE MEDAL
  • Mixed Doubles 4.0: Brittany Kosek & Brad Chapman SILVER MEDAL
  • Women's Doubles 3.0: Lyanne Wong & Joan Li SILVER MEDAL
  • Women's Doubles 3.5: Taylor Kanik & Susan Kanik GOLD MEDAL
  • Women's Doubles 4.0/4.5: Jaleesa Johnston & Ilsa Wong SILVER MEDAL
  • Women's Doubles 4.0/4.5: Brittany Kosek & Celia Ferguson BRONZE MEDAL

Brackets denote a non-CPC member.

Player Tips

(posted Dec 31 2018)

Following are three short videos for your viewing and reading pleasure: 1) a video dealing with avoiding hitting "out" balls, 2) a discussion of patterns and strategies, and 3) an explanation of the split step and dynamic positioning.

Top 10 Matches

(posted Dec 21 2018)

With over 860,000 views, check out the Top 10 Most Popular Matches on Pickleball Channel. They span multiple years, multiple tournaments and multiple players. Binge watch your favourite pickleball players and enjoy the incredible athleticism of the sport of pickleball!

CPC Skill Level Rating Days

(posted Dec 21 2018)

January 2, 3 and 4 at JV Center. Calgary Pickleball Club members who self-rate themselves as 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 or 4.0 level players can learn what skill level they equate to in the USAPA Club Level ratings. We are bringing in IPTPA Director, Brooke Siver, to determine objective Club Ratings, based on a 45-minute observed play session. To learn more or register, click here.

Pickleball for Kids

(posted Dec 19 2018)

Do you have kids or grandkids that would like to learn to play pickleball? A 9-week program has been created starting Sunday, January 20 2019 at the Mount Royal University Gym. Learn more about the training program and the instructor here.

Women's Doubles 90-Minute Lightning Tournament!

(posted Dec 17 2018)

Pickleball OSC (Okotoks/South Calgary) will host a 90-minute women's doubles (12 teams) Lightning Tournament on Sunday, December 23 2018. For more information, click here.

90-Minute Lightning Tournament

(posted Dec 11 2018)

Pickleball OSC (Okotoks/South Calgary) hosted a 90-minute Kings' Court Lightning Tournament on December 9 2018. To see the results, visit their Past Events page.

CPC's First Skill Level Rating Day

(posted Nov 27 2018)

One day only - December 4th - 28 CPC members! Here's an opportunity for those that self-rate themselves as a 2.5, 3.0 or 3.5 level player to find out (really) what skill level they are in the USAPA Club Level rating system. CPC is bringing in IPTPA Director, Brooke Siver, to determine objective Club Ratings. To learn more and register, click here.

2019 Tournament Planner

(posted Nov 21 2018)

For those who love the tournament life … here is the upcoming schedule reported by Alberta clubs and our Saskatchewan neighbours. Most of these tournaments will be posted on

Edmonton Winter Classic

(posted Nov 14 2018)

Edmonton Pickleball Club and the Royal Glenora are hosting a sanctioned tournament December 28-30. Click here for more information. Registrations open November 12 on

A New Pickleball Venue... and It's Amazing

(posted Nov 13 2018)

The JV Center is now open for drop-in daytime and evening play! It's located at 68 Ave & 52 St SE in the old Smed Building but there is nothing old about it - an almost new volleyball training/play facility with five pickleball courts. Take a look at their website and check out our Locations page for more information.

What Do Bill and Melinda Gates Do for Fun?

(posted Oct 3 2018)

Making time for hobbies and work/life balance is important to philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates. They play this 'crazy' game of pickleball to unwind. See video.

Another Pickleball Article in Local Publication

(posted Oct 2 2018)

Here's an article about the game we love to play in a local seniors' publication, Calgary Prime Times, with our very own Mark Stinson featured! "Pickleball Keeps the Competitive Juices Flowing".

West Hillhurst -- Taste of the Neighbourhood

(posted Sept 21 2018)

Please see the following link for a great community evening, and to support WHCA at the same time!

Bowness Renovation is Done!

(posted Sept 14 2018)

The gym at Bowness Community Association has re-opened. Pickleball is scheduled for Mondays 1000 - 1400, Wednesdays and Sundays 1800 - 2200.

Check Out the Pickleball Channel

(posted Sept 10 2018)

Find out what is happening in the world of pickleball – the community, information and fun. It's a wonderful source of information! Subscribe and join at

Tournament Results from Spruce Grove, AB

(posted Aug 22 2018)

Congratulations to all Calgary Pickleball Club members who participated in the Summer Smash Alberta Provincial Championships the weekend of Aug 17-19. CPC medal winners are:

  • Men's Doubles 4.0: Chris Wharton & Peter Thornton GOLD MEDAL
  • Men's Doubles 4.5, 5.0: Roger Tynes & (Dave Webster) SILVER MEDAL
  • Men's Singles 4.0: Roger Tynes BRONZE MEDAL
  • Mixed Doubles 3.0: Terri McKenny & Pat McKenny BRONZE MEDAL
  • Mixed Doubles 4.0: Jaleesa Johnston & Brian Jones GOLD MEDAL
  • Mixed Doubles 4.5: Diane Abrahamson & Chris Wharton BRONZE MEDAL
  • Women's Doubles 2.5, 3.0: Cindy Kassian & (Bev Tollefson) SILVER MEDAL
  • Women's Doubles 4.0: Brittany Kosek & Jaleesa Johnston GOLD MEDAL
  • Women's Singles 3.5, 4.0: Jaleesa Johnston GOLD MEDAL

Brackets denote a non-CPC member.

Tournament Results from Red Deer, AB

(posted Aug 16 2018)

Congratulations to all Calgary Pickleball Club members for another great showing at the Red Deer Open Tournament the weekend of Aug 10-12. CPC medal winners are:

  • Men's Doubles 3.0: Norm Bowman & John Kim GOLD MEDAL
  • Men's Doubles 3.5: Brad Chapman & (Trevor Burndred) GOLD MEDAL
  • Men's Singles 3.0: Rich Thul GOLD MEDAL
  • Men's Singles 4.0: Brad Chapman BRONZE MEDAL
  • Mixed Doubles 3.0: Susan Kanik & (Steve Katulka) GOLD MEDAL
  • Mixed Doubles 3.0: Doreen Bowman & Norm Bowman BRONZE MEDAL
  • Mixed Doubles 3.5: Brittany Kosek & Brad Chapman GOLD MEDAL
  • Mixed Doubles 4.0: Jaleesa Johnston & Brian Jones GOLD MEDAL
  • Mixed Doubles 4.0: Valerie Calon & Rande Mergerenn BRONZE MEDAL
  • Mixed Doubles 4.5/5.0: Pen Robinson & (Naveed Butt) SILVER MEDAL
  • Women's Doubles 3.0: Susan Kanik & Taylor Kanik SILVER MEDAL
  • Women's Doubles 3.5: Jane White & (Carol Hoi) BRONZE MEDAL
  • Women's Doubles 4.0: Jaleesa Johnston & Brittany Kosek SILVER MEDAL
  • Women's Doubles 4.0: Valerie Calon & (Deb Nielsen) BRONZE MEDAL
  • Women's Singles 3.5: Jaleesa Johnston GOLD MEDAL

Brackets denote a non-CPC member.

Pickleball Alberta Acknowledges AB Medal Winners

(posted July 24 2018)

PA congratulates Alberta players at Canadian Nationals on their website. Read posting and see some photos of medalists.

Tournament Results from Kelowna, BC

(posted July 12 2018)

Kudos to all Calgary Pickleball Club members who headed west to participate in the Pickleball Canada National Tournament the weekend of July 6 - 8. Congrats to all for their effort and to the following medal winners for their success:

  • Men's Doubles 3.0: Terence Wong & Thomas Wong GOLD MEDAL
  • Men’s Doubles 3.0: Bruce Gibson & Terry Rogers SILVER MEDAL
  • Men's Doubles 3.5: Kevin Stanley & Brian Jones SILVER MEDAL
  • Men's Doubles 4.0: Naveed Butt & Chad Clarey GOLD MEDAL
  • Mixed Doubles 3.0: Lyanne Wong & Thomas Wong GOLD MEDAL
  • Mixed Doubles 3.5: Jaleesa Johnston & Brian Jones SILVER MEDAL
  • Women's Doubles 3.0: Joan Li & Lyanne Wong SILVER MEDAL
  • Women's Doubles 3.5: Jaleesa Johnston & Brittany Kosek GOLD MEDAL
  • Women's Singles 3.5: Jaleesa Johnston SILVER MEDAL
  • Women's Singles 4.0: Carol O'Brien SILVER MEDAL

Great job in Kelowna, one and all!

Pop-Up Pickleball at City Hall Plaza

(posted July 10 2018)

A temporary Pickleball court will be set up just outside the main entrance to City Hall (not Olympic Plaza) early Wednesday, July 11 until late July 14. Bring your paddle and tell your friends! Loaner paddles and outdoor balls will be supplied by CPC volunteers.

Catch Me at the Pickleball Court

(posted June 27 2018)

"Normally the younger you are the better you are at a sport, but wow have the tables changed. I was swiftly put in my place by all these older pros, who in turn got a kick out of introducing this sport to a new generation." A (young) newbie to pickleball writes about his first experience on the pickleball court. Click here for this excellent read.

Pickleball Popular with Inmates

(posted June 27 2018)

At Cook County, one of USA's largest single-site jails, select inmates facing charges that range from robbery to murder may not be able to escape their circumstances in the maximum security division, but they do find that pickleball provides a break from reality.

Click here to read the USA Today article.

More Outdoor Play!

(posted May 14 2018)

In addition to Silver Springs, there is now outdoor play at Dalhousie (NW) and Richmond Green (SW). Secure storage boxes have been installed at these locations stocked with nets, balls and a few loaner paddles. CPC volunteer Venue Managers are in place and are working on initial schedules for play. Venue Managers have the storage box combinations and are looking for more volunteers so that more session times can be booked. Go to Other Outdoor Play in Schedules to see what has been confirmed so far.

Other refurbished courts are ready to accept players (Shouldice Park (NW) and Deer Run (SE)) but more CPC volunteers are needed to handle them.

Please email Mark Stinson at for further information.

Alberta Plus 55 - Calgary - Zone 3

(posted May 8 2018)

Pickleball Zone 3 playdowns will be held on June 23 2018 at Oakridge Community Association. Winners will be eligible to compete in Alberta Plus 55 provincials to be held in Edmonton from September 7 to 9 2018. To learn more, see Tournaments.

Pickleball Clinic - Dynamite Doubles

(posted May 8 2018)

IPTPA certified instructors, Mona Burnett and Helle Sparre, are offering 2.5 hours of skill rated instruction on June 12 2018. Maximum 16 players (need to sign up with a partner), 8 to 1 ratio, $60 per person. Learn more and register here!

Brand New Pickleball Venue in the North!

(posted May 5 2018)

Volleydome GYM, Balzac is located just SE of Cross Iron Mills (north of Stoney Trail and east of the QE2). It's a new, very large, world class volleyball (etc.) facility. Click here for more information and photos of the facility.

Outdoor Play in Silver Springs

(posted May 3 2018)

Starting May 9, there will be outdoor play at the tennis courts in Silver Springs on Wednesday evenings from 1830 - 2030 (weather permitting). Everyone is welcome and there is no fee to play. The courts are located in Sarcee Park. Click here for location map.

Renew Your CPC Membership

(posted Apr 24 2018)

Renewals for the 2018/19 CPC membership year (May to May) will begin Tue Apr 24, 2018.

  • You will be able to log in to your Wild Apricot account and renew by clicking here.
  • For detailed instructions, and/or to view the FAQ, please click here.
  • Please remember that you will not automatically receive a renewal invoice via email this year.

Volunteers Needed at the Smash Cancer Tournament

(posted Apr 9 2018)

We're looking for help with the registration desk, food service and first aid station, as well as referees and equipment coordinator. If you like to have fun and can volunteer some time June 15-17, please contact Trevor at or Rich at

Charity Tournament in Support of the Calgary Drop-In Center

(posted Apr 3 2018)

On Saturday March 31 2018, Calgary Pickleball Club players at West Hillhurst Community Association hosted its inaugural Good Pickle Karma Charity Tournament. Almost $2,000 was raised in support of the Calgary Drop-In Center. This fun, day long tournament saw 80 participants, from as far away as BC, compete in four divisions. Click here for the results and photos!

CPC Annual General Meeting

(posted Mar 29 2018)

Annual General Meeting of Calgary Pickleball Club (CPC) Members and Nominations of Board Members.

  • Date: Saturday, Apr 21 2018
  • Time: 1300 - 1500
  • Location: Thorncliffe Greenview Community Association, Thorncliffe Room, 5600 Centre St N

For additional information and formal notice, click here.

Free Play Open House at Edgemont Community Centre

(posted Mar 29 2018)

Come on out for some free pickleball and show Edgemont the awesome game of pickleball. (We're hoping they'll offer pickleball regularly!) ECC is located at 33 Edgevalley Circle NW.

  • Thurs Apr 5, 1800 - 2100, free play (or food bank donation)
  • Fri Apr 6, 1800 - 2100, free play (or food bank donation)
  • Tues Apr 10, 1800 - 2100, $5 for ECA members and $7 for non-members
  • Thurs Apr 12, 1800 - 2100, $5 for ECA members and $7 for non-members
  • Fri Apr 13, 1800 - 2100, $5 for ECA members and $7 for non-members

CPC Smash Cancer Charity Event 2018

(posted Feb 21 2018)

This local tournament is Friday, June 15 2018 thru Sunday, June 17 2018. Hosted at Smash City, 4839 47 Street SE, Calgary, AB. Registration opens for all events on Thursday, February 22 2018 at 7:00PM and closes on Friday, June 1 2018 or when events reach maximum capacity. To learn more, see Tournaments.

Canada's Newest Pickleball Celebrity

(posted Feb 4 2018)

Check out Prime Minister Justin Trudeau playing our favourite sport!

E-v-e-n Edmonton Loves Pickleball!

(posted Jan 25 2018)

The Edmonton Journal reports "The paddle game of pickleball sees more players than ever". See the brief video here.

Other Opportunities to Play Pickleball

(posted Jan 25 2018)

Join us as CPC supports the Sport Calgary Pickleball Demonstration / Free Play Open House event at the Genesis Centre on January 25 2018. There's also a Free Play Open House at Smash City on January 26 2018! Click here for more information on these and potential play on Sunday afternoons at Lake Bonavista Community Association.

Is Naples, FL the Pickleball Capital of the World?

(posted Jan 8 2018)

What does a city have to offer to earn the title of Pickleball Capital of The World? Collier County and the city of Naples, Florida think they are well on their way to justify the moniker. Watch this engaging story as you follow all the different elements that had to come together to start the quest. Read more...

A Message to CPC Members from the Board

(posted Dec 19 2017)

As the year draws to a close, I want to personally thank all the many volunteers who helped grow the CPC to over 600 members this year. A lot has been accomplished for PICKLEBALL in Calgary, and a lot of new initiatives, new venues, evening play opportunities, etc. will follow in the 2018. Read more...

City of Red Deer Approves 20-Court Facility

(posted Dec 4 2017)

At the latest, play will begin at a new pickleball facility in 2019. That is as long as The City of Red Deer can come up with an appropriate permanent location to put the 20-court project approved during this week’s Capital Budget debate. Read more...

Interested in Playing More Evenings or Weekends?

(posted Nov 19 2017)

The Calgary Pickleball Club (CPC) is working on new and existing venues to offer working individuals the opportunity to get their fill of pickleball. If you are interested in playing on evenings or weekends at CPC managed locations or taking lessons offered by the CPC, click here to learn more! A full update of the Center for Excellence initiatives is provided.

CPC Demos Pickleball at Wickfest 2017 Hockey Tournament

(posted Nov 19 2017)

The Calgary Pickleball Club put on a demonstration clinic for 12 female hockey players participating in a hockey tournament sponsored by Hayley Wickenheiser and the Canada Women’s Olympic Hockey Team. Three CPC volunteer trainers, Kevin S, Brian P. and George F. explained the game to the young ladies, and got them out on the courts to play for 1 ½ hours on a Saturday afternoon in November.

The young ladies were eager to learn, and worked with a paddle as easily and skillfully as they do with a hockey stick!! The biggest challenge for the trainers was reminding them to wait for the ball to bounce on the return of serve before they tried to “kill” the ball. Read more...

Penhold Pickleball Tournament

(posted Oct 20 2017)

The Town of Penhold hosted the Fall Classic Indoor Pickleball Tournament over the Thanksgiving weekend. Click here to check out the winners!


(posted Oct 16 2017)

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