Balls on Neighboring Courts

If your ball enters a neighboring court, do not enter that court if play is still in progress. Call out "BALL" as loudly as is appropriate, wait for play to stop, and let the neighboring players retrieve the ball for you.

If you hear a neighboring player shout "BALL", immediately stop play and retrieve the ball for the neighboring player. You can then re-serve the ball with no penalty.

Running Backwards

Running backward in the event your opponents lob over your head greatly increases the risk of tripping and falling backwards. Turn around to run towards the back of the court. Causing yourself a concussion or orthopedic injury is not likely worth 1 point (which you're unlikely to score anyhow, if you fall).

Eye Protection

The Board of the Calgary Pickleball Club enthusiastically endorses the use of eye protection while playing pickleball.

Court Shoes

Buy them. Wear them. Running shoes are not a good choice for pickleball, as they are not designed for the lateral motion that's involved with pickleball. For optimum performance and safety, proper court shoes should always be worn.