Skill Levels

Players new to the game should not feel intimidated by the level of play. The only way to get better is to play with more experienced players. Rest assured -- we're patient when it comes to beginners. Try not to get frustrated. Relax and have fun. In no time you'll be proficient.

Was that Ball In or Out?

If a ball goes out of bounds, call "OUT" but also point your index finger upwards (things get a little loud at times).

Likewise, if a ball lands in and you weren't able to return it, point your index finger to the floor.

It is your responsibility to call balls IN or OUT on your side of the net. If you and your partner are not sure if the ball was IN or OUT, give the benefit of the doubt to the opposing team and call it IN. Points are never replayed because of uncertainty as to whether the ball was IN or OUT.

Call Out the Score

Always call out the score so the other team can hear it before serving, eg 6-5-1 which means 6 for the serving team, five for the receiving team, and server #1. A new rule (March 2015) states that if you do not call the score you lose the serve – no second chance!

Help With the Nets

At the beginning of the session, please help set up the nets and table barriers at the exits.

At the end of the session, if you are the last players on the court, please help take down the nets.

Standing/Moving Around Courts When Not Playing

If you are not playing, please do not stand behind or beside courts being used.

This is especially important at West Hillhurst, where waiting players should always wait on the stage.

When you are moving past a court (between points), please do so quickly and in single-file, while staying next to a wall.

West Hillhurst

Additional considerations are important at WHCA. Please see here.