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How To Choose A Florist And How To Hire A Florist For Any Special Occasion?

If you are someone who is planning to take the services of the florist for any special occasion and you are planning to hire one for the entire service, there are steps that you will definitely need to follow. Choosing a florist will depend upon your preference entirely. There are various special occasions you can hire a florist for and one of the popular special occasions is wedding. Brides look for their own special floral arrangements and it is quite cheap to opt for. When you are hiring a florist, you will need to make visits to the markets and get the flowers. This is not an easy task to do so and your florist will definitely need a good amount of time to create beautiful floral arrangements. To help you out, this article will take a look at how to choose a florist and how to hire a florist for any special occasions.

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How To Choose And Hire A Florist?

  • There are lots of florists that you can hire but you shouldn’t choose them in hurry. Spend enough time and then take a look at various florists in your area. You can also follow the florist of your initial choice in social media platforms such as: facebook and instagram. Not all the best and top florists are from the big cities. You may get surprised that your local florist can make beautiful floral arrangements and it is also quite cheap to hire the local florist as well.
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  • Then you will need to create a short list of the florists of your choice and meet them individually. Share and discuss about your venue, occasion and the dress as well and your choice with the florist. Check their ideas and whether you can communicate easily with them. Communication is very important when it comes to choosing a florist as you will need to make the florist understand what you are looking for and the florist should be able to make you understand what you will get for the occasion. If there is a lack of understanding, there is a high chance of miscommunication and the work will not be done properly. You are not obligated to select and hire the florist, rather choose and hire if it feels right to do.
  • Understand that there are various types of florists you can choose from. Some types of florists are: retail florist, floral designer, full service event floral designer etc. When you are going to choose and hire a florist, make sure you understand the floral style that you prefer for your special occasion.
  • Check online and you can check websites of popular florists such as: panda flowers Calgary se, for those who live in or outside Calgary, Canada. Each popular florist of any region has got their own websites as well .
  • When you are choosing the florist, you should take a look at the work of the florist for not only one occasion, rather various types of occasions and get to understand the style and the choice of flowers by the florist.
  • Ask the florist how the florist would like to get paid and how the florist will charge for the entire occasion. This will save a lot of hassles when you are done with the work. The fee of the florist can differ from one florist to another. The well experienced and popular florists may ask for a bit higher amount of money for the whole occasion, compared to the freelance florist who is planning to expand their portfolio through various projects and works and events.
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Now that you are done with choosing the florist, let’s take a look at how can you save a good amount of cash when you are opting for purchasing the flowers. These are some helpful tips and are mentioned below:

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  • Let the florist that you have hired know that you are following a certain budget for the flowers and the florist will also need to stick to the budget.
  • There are many florists who are aspiring and they also work as freelance in order to expand their portfolio. You can take a look at floral schools as well to find a suitable florist.
  • You should try to use the flowers which are seasonal. The seasonal flowers can create more vibrant and natural look that suits with the season the occasion is taking place.
  • You can ask the florist that you have chosen to only handle the bouquet work and the rest can be handled by the family members. Make sure to explain this to florist earlier when you are choosing the florist.
  • Try to book your florist at least 5-6 months ahead of the function. If you do have any particular florist of your choice that you will definitely hire, then do it as soon as possible.