Working Groups

(Updated January 27, 2019)

The following groups are currently meeting to advance the Calfee Training School Project. Meetings of each group are open to the public. Anyone interested in learning more about any of the following working groups should contact

Ad Hoc Steering Committee

This growing and temporary group of individuals began meeting in early 2018 and currently includes representatives from the Pulaski Y, Town of Pulaski, Pulaski County Department of Social Services, and Calfee Training School alumni. Although new people can be added at any time, these are the people who were at the table when the decision was made to at least partially merge the efforts to renovate and honor the Calfee Training School History and the efforts to expand the Pulaski Y’s childcare program. At some point soon, this group will be replaced by a formal non-profit board for the community center. Planning is underway for a participatory selection process for this board. One important component of the future board make-up is that more than half of its membership by Calfee alumni and/or their family members.

The people who currently regularly attend these meetings are Guy Smith, Allison Hunter, Rebecah Smith, Shawn Utt, Janet Johnson, Catherine Van Noy, Jill Williams, Mayor David Clark.

Each of the following working groups report out at the Ad Hoc Steering Committee meetings.

Childcare Working Group

This group was originally the Pulaski Y’s childcare committee and has been expanded in order to incorporate partners in the new childcare program that will go into the former Calfee Training School. New members represent the Pulaski County School System and New River Community Action Head Start. This working group meetings monthly.

Current members of this working group include Allison Hunter, Rebecah Smith, Leslie Morris. Sharon Eifried, Stacy Arnett, Sarah Polcha, and Sheryl Helm.

Community Engagement Working Group

The Pulaski Y, on behalf of the Calfee Training School Project, applied for and received a grant from the Community Foundation of the NRV for two community education and visioning meetings around the history and future of the Calfee Training School facility. This group was recently formed to plan these meetings, currently scheduled for March 22 and 23, 2019 at the First Baptist Church. New members, especially Calfee alumni and their families, are welcome and encouraged.

Current community meeting planning working group members include Binti Villinger, Kendall Payne, Hazel Wines, Jamie Radcliffe, Janet Johnson, Guy Smith, Allison Hunter, Mayor David Clark and Jill Williams.

Fundraising Working Group

This working group hasn’t officially convened yet, but will do so soon. The goal of this group initially will be to develop and implement a capital campaign around the renovation of the Calfee Training School. As soon as architects provide an estimate of the budget for the first phase of the renovation, this group will begin developing the campaign.

Memory Project Advisory Board

This is a group of Calfee Training School alumni and family members who will make all significant decisions around Calfee Training School Memory Project (including deciding what to call the project). This group will guide the oral history interview collection process, the paid youth internship program, the documentary creation and any other components of the collection and presentation of the history of the Calfee Training School.

Pictured below are members of the Advisory Board: (Back row, left to right) Kendall Payne, Yolanda Hunter Bulls, Sheila Simmons, Lisa Johnson, Ashley Edmonds, Vera Carter, Rebecah Smith, Guy Smith; (Front row, left to right) Angel Slaughter, Carolyn Smith, Richard Smith, Hattie Conner, and Kim Edmonds. (Photo taken by Salvador Barajas)