Board Selection Process

Calfee Training School Project Board Creation

The Calfee Training School, with its rich but largely ignored historical significance, currently stands empty while Pulaski County continues to be a childcare desert, only offering quality, licensed childcare opportunities to meet the needs of less than 10% of its children under the age of 6. Community leaders, including Calfee Training School alumni and their family members, have partnered with institutions like the YMCA of Pulaski County, the Town of Pulaski, and the Department of Social Services to begin the process of acquiring the historic building to be repurposed as a community and cultural center, a portion of which will house expanded quality childcare facilities.

Meanwhile, the Pulaski Y has partnered with the Pulaski County Public Schools and New River Community Action to assess the childcare needs in the county and Calfee Training School alumni and family members are guiding a historical memory project to preserve the stories around this important institution.

At this point, the project is in need of a formal decision-making board to own and guide the renovation and future of the Calfee Community and Cultural Center (CCCC). This board should be composed of people with integrity and a variety of gifts who are willing to take the time to discern how this building and the programming within it can most effectively preserve the legacy of the historic Calfee Training School.

Board Selection Process

In order to make the selection of the Calfee Community and Cultural Center (CCCC) board as transparent, democratic and community-wide as possible, the community leaders who have initiated this effort have designed a selection process that will ensure that a wide range of individuals in Pulaski County will have a voice in deciding who will serve on the CCCC board. The selection process will begin with the appointment of a Selection Panel whose job will be to collect and review nominations for CCCC board members and then to choose the individuals who will collectively serve to best guide the future of the CCCC. The following organizations will each be invited to each appoint one person to the Selection Panel:

  • First Baptist Church (Magazine Street)
  • New Life Church
  • Randolph Avenue United Methodist Church
  • First Baptist West Dublin
  • Spirit of Life Worship Center
  • Jubilee Christian Center
  • Pulaski County Ministerial Association
  • New River Valley Progressive Men’s Club
  • Calfee Training School Project Historical Memory Advisory Board
  • YMCA of Pulaski County
  • Pulaski County
  • Town of Pulaski
  • Pulaski County School System
  • Pulaski County Department of Social Services
  • Pulaski County Commission on Children and Families
  • Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Support Group
  • Pulaski Parents of Children with Special Needs

Selection Panel Charge

Once appointed, the Selection Panel will be charged with the following tasks:

  1. Select a Panel Chair who will call and facilitate meetings. The panel may also choose to appoint other members to other specific roles, like Secretary or Vice Chair.
  2. Issue a call for nominations from the community at large. The nomination process may include such components as:
    1. Allowing individuals to nominate themselves and others.
    2. A written nomination form.
    3. A letter outlining nominated individual’s background of community involvement and reasons for wanting to be on the CCCC board.
    4. Contact information for references and/or formal letters of recommendation.
    5. A clear deadline.
    6. A dynamic outreach process to spread the word about the selection process.
  3. Evaluate nomination packets including, if the Panel chooses to do so, conducting interviews with a short list of candidates.
  4. Select CCCC Board members guided by the following criteria:
    1. The final CCCC board should be comprised of at least nine (9) individuals, a majority of whom should have a connection to the Calfee Training School as an alumnus/a or family member of an alumnus/a.
    2. All members should be individuals known for their integrity and commitment to community.
    3. All members should be in good financial standing with no outstanding Town or County tax debts.
    4. All members should be able to pass a child protective services background check.
    5. The final board composition should include individuals with experience working with the following entities or fields:
      1. Town of Pulaski
      2. Pulaski County
      3. Pulaski County Public Schools
      4. Human services, education, law enforcement, and/or health care

Once the CCCC board has been selected and those members have accepted their positions, the Selection Panel will have completed its duties and will disband.

CCCC Board Initial Workplan

The CCCC Board will oversee the future non-profit entity that will oversee the design, renovation and maintenance of and eventual programming within the new community and cultural center. Once seated, the Board will govern itself. Once seated, some of the Board’s first orders of business will include:

  • With community input, naming the new community and cultural center;
  • Establishing a 501c3 non-profit entity, including drafting by-laws, articles of incorporation, board committees and board member term limits;
  • With support from the Town and other entities, overseeing fundraising campaigns;
  • Making key decisions, based on community input, about the renovation of and programming in the CCCC.