Welcome Back to School!

It is so exciting to be returning to school. My name is Caroline Alexius, and my role at Lisa Park Elementary School is as Special Education Inclusion Teacher for 3rd and 4th grades. Each school day in Math and English Language Arts (reading/writing), I will be teaming with Mrs. C. Champagne, Mrs. Vicknair and Mrs. Robichaux.

As a parent, how can I help my student?

Students love to use the computer, and parents can tap into this natural area of interest to provide powerful help to their student with little effort. Terrebonne Parish School District has a webpage that provides parents with online resources. Access that page at http://www.tpsd-la.schoolloop.com/chrome. Other ways to help your student are to:

Check folders/planner each day

Create a comfortable, well-lit learning space

Ask children, “What are you going to study tonight?” rather than “Do you have homework?” Note: If your child continuously says that they have nothing to study for or that they did nothing at school, then we have a problem. Let us know about it

Create specific homework/study times

Communicate regularly with teachers

Limit screen time (TV, electronic devices, video games)

Establish a nightly routine with a set bedtime

Help students understand the importance of being on-task and prepared each day

Reinforce the importance of good manners and being kind to others