• Google Earth - 3D viewing of a model of Earth
  • Voyager - editorialized stories and visualizations that can use for learning and storytelling
  • Geo Education website - resources page for EDU use of Google Earth and other Geo Tools
  • KML Creation
    • My Maps - collaborative map making in the Google cloud
    • Tour Builder - digital storytelling for Google Earth



    • Street View - ground level imagery
      • Gallery - the best of Street View
      • Treks - special collections of Street View
    • Borrow 360 camera or trekker backpack - apply here
    • Expeditions - virtual field trips using 360 Imagery and Cardboard


  • Google Maps - Google's 2D basemap
  • Earth Engine - cloud-based remote sensing and geographic analysis powered by Google's infrastructure
  • Open Data Kit - get data collected on mobile devices into Maps and Earth (for developers)