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Eng 10


Blog Post 7: To Kill a Mockingbird (Chapter 22)

      • Many ironies exist in Chapter 22.
            • Atticus loses, but the African American community showers him with gifts.
            • Bob Ewell wins the court decision but vows to get Atticus if it takes the rest of his life.
            • Dill wants to be a clown...but a clown that laughs at the crowd.
      • Introduction: Define irony.
      • Body 1: Choose one of the above and explain its significance.
      • Body: Choose an irony from your life. Describe/explain.
      • Conclusion.

Blog Post 6: To Kill a Mockingbird (Chapter 20)

        • What do the children learn about Dolphus Raymond? What do they learn from him? How do those lessons relate to the novel? How do those lessons relate to life?
          • Introduction: Refer to TKM and chapter 20.
          • Body 1: Discuss the events that lead up to this.
          • Body 2: What does this say about life? You? Your masks? Others’ masks? Explain.
          • Conclusion

Friday, Feb. 15

      • My Story - Chapter 2

Blog Post 5: To Kill a Mockingbird (Chapter 12) - Friday, February 8

      • By Chapter 12, Cal starts referring to Scout's brother as "Mister Jem." What has changed? Have you witnessed/experienced a similar change?
          • Introduction: Refer to TKM and chapters 9-12.
          • Body 1: Discuss the events that lead up to this change in Cal's changing names for Jem.
          • Body 2: When have you witnessed/experienced a similar change? Explain.
          • Conclusion

Blog Post 4: To Kill a Mockingbird (Chapter 8) - Friday, February 1

      • In Chapter 8, the Finch home is threatened by a fire, then Scout is protected by a blanket. Choose one of these items and explain what it symbolizes in the story. Now make a connection: when has someone come to your aide and expected no recognition for this good deed?

Blog Post 3: To Kill a Mockingbird - Friday, January 25

          • PROMPT: In chapters 2 and 3, Scout begins her public school career. What were your "first days" of school like? Think about your earliest school experiences and how they compare to Scout's.
              • Introduction: Connect to TKM and Scout's school days.
              • Body 1: What were your "first days" of school like?
              • Body 2: What is another memory of your younger school years.
              • Conclusion

Blog Post 2: To Kill a Mockingbird - Friday, January 18

          • PROMPT: In Chapter 1, Scout, Jem, and Dill are fascinated by the Radley house. When you were a child, was there a neighbor, family member, or place that scared you? Describe that person/place as you remember them and think about how your experience parallels the children in the novel.
              • Introduction - Make a connection to TKM (capitalize and punctuate correctly!) and identify your "Radley house."
              • Body 1: Fact/Detail/Reason #1
              • Body 2: Fact/ Detail/Reason #2
              • Conclusion

Blog Post 1: My One Word = 12 Sentences - Choose a theme/goal word for 2019.

          • Introduction
          • Why this one word
          • Predictions of how this word might be used in your life in 2019?
          • Conclusion
              • CHECK THOSE NO-NOs!
          • Points Possible = 35

Quarter 2

Blog Post 6: Book Review of Independent Read - December 13

      • See rubric and sample

Blog Post 5: A Positive Humanity - December 7

      • Since we have focused so much on the negativity of humanity, research a positive and reflect on this encouraging topic.
          • Introduction: Acknowledge topic and any article to which you are referring.
              • Positive Aspect 1
              • Positive Aspect 2
          • Conclusion

Blog Post 4: Let's Give Thanks = 15 Sentences

      • Introduction (Type)
      • Body 1: For what are you most thankful? Why?
      • Body 2: For whom are you most thankful? Why?
      • Body 3: Which means more? 1 or 2? Why?
      • Conclusion (Type)

Blog Post 3: Friday, November 2

    • Everyone Has a Story
      • Choose one effect that that has affected your human condition. Summarize that effect.
        • Create a Table of Contents of ten chapters.
        • Provide a one sentence summary of that chapter’s content.

Blog Post 2: Friday, October 26 and Monday for "B" Classes

    • What is the current condition of humanity?
        • Define humanity in the introduction.
          • Body
            • Positives?
            • Negatives?
        • Conclusion

Blog Post 1: Friday, October 19

    • Reflect on having completed 1/4 of your sophomore year.
        • Introduction
        • Body
          • Part 1
          • Part 2
        • Conclusion

Quarter 1

Blog Post 7: Friday, October 12

Blog Post 6: Friday, October 5

      • Topic: Leadership
        • Introduction
        • Chunk 1: What are the Top 5 Qualities in a leader? Why these?
        • Chunk 2: Who is the best leader you know? Why?
        • Conclusion
          • Underline one vocab and the context clue.
          • Underline one compound sentence.

Blog Post 5 - Friday, September 28

Blog Post 4 - Friday, September 21

      • For your assigned character in Antigone, respond to the following:
          • Introduction
          • Chunk 1: How did this character display being "loyal to a cause""?
          • Chunk 2: Do you agree with this character's decisions? What would you have changed?
          • Chunk 3: Your opinion/connection to this character.
          • Conclusion: Why should students read this play...which was written 2500 years ago?
          • Rubric
          • Mrs. Gillmore's Model Blog Post
          • Mrs. Fletcher's Model Blog Post

Blog Post 3 - Friday, September 14

      • Create a Top Five List of Books you would like to read.

Blog Post 2 - Friday, September 7

Blog Post 1 - Friday, August 31

The Power of One = Theme for Quarter 1