Cadia Shrubs 

returning to our roots as

Sage and Sea Farms 

Small Batch Crafted Sipping Vinegars



Family-owned and run small business, featuring small batch crafted sipping vinegar. 



What People Are Saying

 "Wonderful and versatile, I can't wait to get more"

Kayla G

 "We're super excited about these sipping vinegars we got from Robyn and Jon! We got blueberry-lemon-lavender & apple pie flavor, but they also have vanilla-pear. Home made, delicious, and nutritious. Support local artisans. ❤"

Mae D

 "Such a versatile product, I can use it with so many things"

Athena A

 "In my opinion they are the best flavored and most healthy option to fancy up my water!! Also great to use in the kitchen with every recipe!! "

Jenn C

 "Ew, gross"

Hoshi  (owners Kid)

 "Hit me again!"

Emma (owners Kid)

 "Their always so beautiful and they taste amazing"

Sue B

 "I'm surprised because I don't like vinegar, this is so good! "

Dave F.