IEEE IV'19: 3rd International Workshop on Connected, Cooperative, and Automated Driving

Autonomous systems, V2X, connected ADAS, AI multi-sensor perception systems

The Programme is now completed:

* CAD & C-ITSec Workshops will have a joint programme *

The 3rd Workshop on "Connected, Cooperative, and Autonomous Driving" will be held on Sunday 9th June 2019 in Paris, France (venue), in conjunction with the IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV 2019), one of the major annual conferences of the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITSS). The Workshop targets connected, cooperative and autonomous technologies for cooperative and automated road transport. The workshop also features an Industry Panel with experts from related industries, which will again foster the interactive exchange of academia and industry.

Workshops Venue: MINES ParisTech - 60 Boulevard Saint-Michel, 75006 Paris, France.

Recent developments in telecommunications, sensor, information processing and control technologies have enabled substantial progress in the domain of ITS. C-ITS is in a very early stage of deployment, as it is technologically achievable, but the deployment requires cooperation of multiple stakeholders. Automated driving is on the horizon and will still need substantial and longer-term development and testing to make even the high automation levels a reality in complex situations, such as in urban environments, and in a transit period of only partial market penetration. Cooperative and automated transport are certainly complementary. They are expected to bring substantial benefits in terms of safety, comfort and (traffic and fuel) efficiency. Many challenges exist in this important domain.

The workshop targets the challenges for C-ITS applications, especially connected and cooperative systems towards automated driving. Competing communication technologies (e.g. peer to peer (IEEE 802.11p), cellular network, and future 5G), sensor, information processing and control technologies will be highlighted. The impacts of (C-)ITS applications will be analysed. Requirements for strong cooperation between industry, authorities and academia in different regions will be addressed.

The workshop is expected to be very interactive. Participants will have an excellent opportunity to discuss with and to challenge distinguished speakers and panellists. The technical areas to be discussed include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Connected and Automated Vehicles
  • V2X communications
  • C-ITS deployment
  • Standardisation
  • 5G research and testing
  • Connected and cooperative systems
  • Situation prediction, cooperative maneuver and trajectory planning strategies
  • AI multi-sensor fusion (passive and active sensors)
  • Cooperative/Connected ADAS
  • Impacts evaluation of connected, cooperative and automated transport

* Joint workshops: CAD & C-ITSec *

The CAD workshop will be held in conjunction with the C-ITSec workshop. More information about C-ITSec can be found here.