What is Wood Badge ??

Your Invited .....

Wood Badge is a great opportunity for adult scout leaders to challenge ourselves to become better leaders in all that we do!

Our promise to you is a course that provides Knowledge, Leadership skills, Friendship, Camaraderie, and most of all Fun!

Our vision is to provide a high-quality course, presented by a high-performance team of trained staff to a diverse audience of participants.

Our goal is to empower you to provide quality programs to our youth!

Every Scout deserves a trained leader! We expect the best from our scouts, and they should expect no less from us. Leadership is a key to a great scouting program. To provide this leadership we as Scouters need to have the right tools and resources. Wood Badge is the answer to helping you in all these areas. Treat yourself to this adventure! You and the youth around you deserve it!

Consider this letter the start of a journey that I am inviting you to share with over 40 people who will discover a fellowship in Scouting that has existed for over a century. Come be part of the Wood Badge experience!

Ken Wisniewski

C7-660-21 Course Director

What is Wood Badge ?

Wood Badge training began in 1919 by Baden Powell to ensure that the leaders of Scout troops were properly trained.

Reflecting on a century of Scouting, Wood Badge draws upon the most current leadership models used by corporate America, academic circles and successful organizations throughout the country to present the latest in leadership theory and team development to a new generation of Scout leaders.

Why Wood Badge ?

The purpose of Wood Badge is to help you understand how to run a quality program, and to enable the Scouts that you serve to grow to their greatest potential.

Delivered by a passionate team of trainers you will see how the 5 themes of Wood Badge: Living the Values, Growing, Connecting, Guiding, and Empowering can be applied in your role as a Scouter as well as your personal and professional life.

You will deepen your appreciation for Scouting’s heritage and develop a vision of the role you will play in its future.

Who Can Attend ?

Any registered member (18 and older) of the Boy Scouts of America, at any experience level, who has completed the basic training courses related to their Scouting position can attend Wood Badge.

What Can You Expect ?

Throughout the Wood Badge course, you will appreciate the enthusiastic presenters, learn through games and role playing, have a blast building a hands-on project with your small group, and experience many inspirational moments.

You will build a strong network within the Scouting program, and be presented with a wide range of leadership topics including:

Situational Leadership • Leading Change

Leveraging Diversity • Problem Solving

Communication • Managing Conflict

Project Planning • Coaching & Mentoring

On the first weekend, each attendee writes a set of Scouting-related goals called the ticket. These goals define your vision and outline a plan of action for the next 18 months. As you work on these goals, you will get an immediate return on your investment.

When you complete your ticket, you will receive your training award, a Wood Badge neckerchief, a leather woggle neckerchief slide, and a set of Wood Badge beads. These items identify you as someone that has completed this advanced training. They will also serve to remind you of your ongoing commitment to service and Scouting.

No Camping Experience Required

Wood Badge is about leadership development, NOT outdoor skills—no camping experience is required.

On the first weekend, you will stay in the Boeger Leadership Lodge and all meals will be prepared for you, so you can focus on learning new skills.

On the second weekend, you will camp and cook a few simple meals with your patrol.

If you are not an experienced camper, do not worry, you will have plenty of experienced patrol and staff members to help ensure you are comfortable and having a great time.

Uniform & Equipment

Each attendee needs a complete field uniform for the course, including official scout shirt, pants or shorts, socks, and belt.

The course fee includes two activity t-shirts that will be worn during some activities. More details on the clothing and equipment needed will be shared before the first weekend session.

Physical Demands

Wood Badge includes a series of fun and educational training activities.

The greatest physical demands are walking around camp and playing some simple games—nothing that should keep anyone from attending. If you have mobility concerns, the course staff can likely make accommodations when given early notification.

A current BSA Health and Medical Record (Parts A, B and C) is required.

5 Day Schedule

Weekend 1

7:00 am – Friday, August 20

5:00 pm – Sunday, August 22

Weekend 2

7:00 am – Saturday, September 25

5:00 pm – Sunday, September 26

Attendance at both weekends is required. In addition, attendees will need to hold a small group meeting between the two weekend sessions.

Course Fees

Payment in Full: $220 (Before 6/1/21)

$250 (After 6/1/21)

Registration requires a non-refundable $50 deposit, which allows us to begin ordering course materials.

Financial Assistance Available Upon Request

Checks Payable to: Blackhawk Area Council

Mail to:

Wood Badge C7-660-21

Blackhawk Area Council

2820 McFarland Road, Rockford, IL 61107