KL C-A-T PLAYGROUND is Malaysia's first ever Cat Assisted Therapy playground and opened its doors on December 28th 2018 at Sunway Putra Mall and is the first of its kind  in the country! It's perfect for child development and sensory play, and is a winner with children, adults and an absolute must for cat lovers out there! 

about c-a-t playground

C-A-T Playground houses 10 friendly rescue cats that are great around children, as well as other cats. so parents and cat's parents, you can put your minds at ease. For only RM20/hour, you can hang out and play with all the cats in here. C-A-T Playground is designed to not only provide people with a space to chill with cats, but also help children develop motor skills and sensory integration.

If you’re a cat owner yourself, you can also bring your furry pets over to let them meet a new friends and the fees are the same. For only RM20/hour, your cat could socialize and have fun with all the toys available. We provide range of  toys from Catit; Catit Play toys and Catit Senses 2.0 toys that are sure to keep your cats entertained. Apart from that, there's also a slide, a swing and a catwheels for your cat to play with. Yes, you read it right! A slide, a swing and a catwheels !! 

If your cat are obese, and you want your cat to lose some weight (ehem, who doesn't like fat cat, but admit it, it's not good for their health), you can bring them here, and use the catwheels that we have for your cat to do some exercise. Its like paying for a gym membership right? But exclusive for cat ! :D

And because of all the fun things that we provide in here, visitors often asked if we do cat boarding. Previously the answer is SADLY NO, but now....... (drum roll!!!!!) YES WE ARE !!!!! WE ARE NOW OFFICIALLY OPEN FOR BOARDING TOO. ISN'T THAT GREAT AND EXCITING !!!

AS LOW AS RM40 FOR ONE NIGHT, you can leave your cat here in our care and you can do your work, your chores, balik kampung, honeymoon or even if you just want to reward your cat for being such a good boy/girl and you want your cat to have a staycation, you can just send them here :D. For whatever reason, it is totally fine with us.

And you know what, we also do NURSERY. DAY CARE NURSERY. YES YOU READ IT RIGTH TOO THIS TIME !!. A nursery for your cat. with a monthly fee as low as RM399/MONTH, you can send your cat here daily, Monday to Friday, from 10.00 a.m - 6.p.m and let your cat play and make friends with other cats. 

Just imagine, you are tired, coming home from work, and your cat are making a mess. Sometimes it really can make us turn to Hulk right cause we are already tired from working whole day and now we need to clean all the mess they make. And plus, we also need to feed them and clean their litter box too. Haiihhhh some days, what we want is just go home and sleep right. Well, we got you covered now. :D. Just send them to C-A-T Playground Nursery ! Send them in the morning, pick them up on the evening, already fed, and go home with peaceful mind as no more chaos or litter mess you need to face. 


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Press coverage

 "you can bring your furry pets over to let them meet new friends. The space has a range of  toys that are sure to keep your cats entertained."

The Smart Local 

"they also have 10 rescued cats in here that are well taken care of, so you know your cats are in a good hand"

C-A-T Playground's customer

"the playground is brightly decorated with lots of cat-friendly furniture"

The Star

 "kedai sangat bersih dan ceria. langsung tak ada bau kucing"

C-A-T Playground's customer

 " ...there is variety of cat toys from Catit to play with" 

The Sun Daily

 "it is cage-free and fully air conditioned. This shop is so serene, I also can fall asleep in here"

C-A-T Playground's customer


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