Presenter Bios

Phil Bagge

Phil is a Computing Inspector/Advisor working for Hampshire Inspection & Advisory Service and CAS Computing Master Teacher. Involved at the drafting stage in creating and refining the 2014 English Computing Curriculum. He currently teaches computing science in two UK Hampshire schools. A contributing author to Compute-IT KS3 Scheme of work and author of How to teach primary programming using Scratch and Crumble Creations. His free Computing science resources are the sixth most used primary computing resource in the UK.

Twitter @baggiepr

Brian Cameron

Principal of the Louis Riel Arts & Technology Centre for going on 12 years. I am part of the MHSEA, Manitoba High School eSports Association, a group dedicated to the growth of high school eSports in Manitoba. Truth is, I don't play video games much anymore, but I know that eSports are great for kids. It is my hope to help grow eSports in our high schools, let people know they can be good for kids.

Chris Fredrickson

Christopher has been a Consultant with Manitoba Education for the past 4 years. Before this, Christopher taught online at Wapaskwa Virtual Collegiate. His primary focus is on online/distance learning. Christopher supports the development, training, and maintenance of the Provincial Learning Management System.

Twitter: @cfredmb

Shannon Magee

Shannon grew up in Thunder Bay, Ontario and moved to Winnipeg in 2014. She attended Lakehead University where she received her Honours Bachelor of Arts in English and Bachelor of Education specializing in Intermediate/Senior divisions. Shannon has additional qualifications in Special Education, FNMI Studies and Career and Guidance Education. Prior to moving to Winnipeg, Shannon taught with Lakehead Public Schools in Thunder Bay as well as developed and taught courses for the Canadian Online High School. Shannon began her role as WBC Implementation Consultant with Manitoba Education in 2015 wherein she supports teachers, schools and divisions in the implementation of online and blended learning. Shannon enjoys spending time with her family (her 1 year old daughter keeps her very busy) and looks forward to travelling again when it's safe to do so. Shannon can be reached at:

Twittter @shanlhorne

Instagram @shanlhorne

Kirsten Thompson

I serve as the divisional Coordinator of ICT for the Mountain View School Division; overseeing technology programming and purchasing for approximately 3000 stakeholders. I am a Microsoft Education Trainer as well as a Level 1 Google Certified Educator with over 200 hours of combined professional development on how to assist educators in the use of these tools. Prior to this, I was employed as a classroom teacher in the Turtle River School Division for 6 years where I taught a variety of subjects ranging from Grade 7-12.

Twitter @MissLwbt @Thompsonclass

Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok @Thompsonclassroom

YouTube @MissLwbt

Marla Medwid

Marla is the Literacy Administrator at Prairie Spirit School Division. She has Classroom Teacher, Teacher-Librarian and Reading Recovery Teacher in her tool belt. Currently teaching two groups online, she will share some of the takeaways of this experience.

Twitter and Instagram @MaysieMedwid

Paul Friesen

I have been teaching high school math and science courses in Southwest Horizon School Division for many years. For the last 7 years, I have been the Educational Technology Specialist for SHSD. I am passionate about incorporating technology into learning.

Instagram: paulfriesen7

Twitter: @PaulFriesen7

Josh Baker

This is my 15th year teaching in Prairie Spirit School Division. The focus of my teaching for the past 5 years is computer science and technology, offering a mixture of creative and technical courses. My teaching assignment focuses on asynchronous delivery of blended courses to students throughout the division. I am a self-taught programmer, working for a local software company in web and back-end development, as well as teach computer science and web development to high school students.

Social Media:

Melissa Burns

Video Games played IN middle schools was practically unheard of in 2016 when Melissa Burns launched the competitive esports team at Archwood. Since then, this music specialist with a passion for student empowerment through gaming has gone on to launch Middle Years Esport Manitoba in 2019 and the Canadian Middle School Esport Association in January 2021. Melissa is currently writing a chapter on scholastic esports in Canada for the IGI Global academic research book, "Esports Research and its Integration in Education" to be published later this year.



Cody Creed

Cody has been a tech teacher for 10 years. He runs a robotics club at Montcalm School and teaches microbit and coding courses online. He enjoys finding neglected microbit class packs and bringing them back into regular use.

Twitter @mrcodycreed

Jaime Wong

Jaime Wong is a teacher candidate in the Business Technology Teacher Education After-Degree Program at Red River College and the University of Winnipeg. She graduated from the University of Manitoba’s Asper School of Business with a Bachelor of Commerce in Actuarial Math and Finance. Jaime previously completed internships as a Financial Reporting Analyst and an Actuarial Student in Group Pricing, Pension Consulting, and Internal Audit. She is very involved in the sports community, having competed in figure skating, rowing, and track and field.

Instagram and Twitter: @jaimeweducation

Dr. Eva Brown

Dr. Eva Brown is a passionate teacher educator. Her focus is seeking leading and learning opportunities for her students and herself that will impact education. Eva demonstrates her strong belief that educators must model their learning to their students. Her research interests include designing learning for technology-rich collaborative learning environments and developing research skills in new teachers so that they can become teachers as researchers, and self-study research. Dr. Brown has written three published chapters in collaboration with Dr. Michele Jacobsen, one for AECT and the other for CATE’s publications, “What Should Canada’s Teachers Know?” and “Preparing Teachers as Curriculum Designers”. Eva regularly presents at local, national, and international conferences. Her doctoral dissertation, “Exploring the design of technology enabled learning experiences in teacher education that translate into classroom practice” has won the Canadian Association for Teacher Education (CATE) award in 2018, recognizing its contribution to the promotion of teacher education research.

Instagram and Twitter: @ebrownorama

David Wall

David is a Skills Technology and Career Development Unit consultant with Manitoba Department for Education. David’s role covers the curricular areas of Literacy with ICT, Computational Thinking, Computer Science, senior years ICT and Industrial Arts. He has taught in Manitoba since 2002, teaching K-12, ICT, robotics, film, broadcasting ELA, social studies and drama. As an educational Technology consult David has over 500 hours of professional development instruction with teachers, administrators and educational stakeholders. Recently graduated University of Calgary with a M.Ed in Learning Sciences and Computational Thinking, focusing on the application of visible thinking processes.

Twitter @1612204

Darren Kuropatwa

Darren Kuropatwa is a teacher and teacher educator. His unique skill set – an in-depth knowledge of pedagogy, leading edge technology skills and boundless creativity – make him a strong change agent in 21st century education. Darren is well known for his innovative use of visuals and storytelling using technology to enable students & educators to do things they could not have done before. Darren’s leadership and vision in the field of educational technology are known world-wide. He is a sought after presenter at conferences nationally and internationally for both teachers and school leaders.

Social media; dtkuropatwa