Board Meetings

Board meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month at 7pm. The meetings are held at White Rock Christian Fellowship at 473 Old San Antonio Rd, Bandera, TX. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings. To be considered an active and voting member of the organization you must attend 2 of the previous 5 monthly board meetings.

Minutes from previous meetings will be posted below, beginning June 2017.

July 13, 2017

Called to order 7:00pm

In attendance: Jeremiah Trombly, Barrett Frantzen, Taniha Olvera, Jennifer Trombly, Sheila Knowles, Katie Totten, Mike Kennedy, Mike Sardo, Travis Carlson, Bryant McCartney, Jeremy Stroud, Mike Verhey, Jacob Hatcher, Alexandria Verhey

7:03 minutes approved

JT presents new bylaw amendments

New positions - Concessions and second coach coordinator, filling those positions is tabled for future executive board meeting.

Financials, working from changing from 501c4 to 501c3 - benefits would include grant eligibility, access to non profit tools and software, ability for donors to make tax deductible donations.

Spoke about reimbursing referees for official training, up to 5 referees. Half reimbursement after first season, remainder after second.

Draft discussed, three options put on the table. 10 minutes to read and absorb, discussed for 20 minutes and option A voted in with some modifications.

Jennifer Trombly discussed the status of the website. Kaite was able to get the builder of her business website to agree to build BYSO a new website design free of charge. This will be done either before registration opens or left to implement until registration is over. Website is also being updated regularly now.

Barrett spoke about uniforms. Bandera Signs came up with some new logos for this season's uniforms and the board voted on their favorite. To save time and money, we will be ordering black shorts and black socks rather than socks that match the shirts like in the past. Sponsors will now also be on the back of Coach shirts. $150 sponsorship will now also include a sleeve logo, must be 3"x3" or smaller and be in .ai or .eps format.

Sports Complex meeting was brought up, Travis Carlson expressed some concerns that he experienced as prior board member of BYSO. Barrett explained that we intended on doing the sponsorship boards to help pay for field upkeep. A contract will be worked out with the Sports Complex that will benefit and be fair for both sides.

The board discussed the Bandera County Area Homeschoolers soccer league practice times. Travis Carlson requested practices starting in September. BCAHS has a rental agreement with the Sports Complex and BYSO agreed to work with BCAHS on days and times.

Adjourn 8:55pm

June 20, 2017

Closed Board Meeting

Called to order 6:02 pm

In attendance: Jeremiah Trombly, Mike Sardo, Barret Frantzen, Taniha Olvera, Kelli Grey, Stacy Dutton, Kaite Totten, Bryant McCartney, Sheila Knowles

Treasurer report: donated computer, back receipts unaccounted for under $100 (from Jan-May 2017) will be let go under prior board. Voted, approved. COI covered, tabled for now.

Mission statement- Sheila Knowles to write a draft for approval at next meeting

Lock box donated, discussion about cash register, nothing firm decided

Discussion about concession stand & sports complex: motion brought up by SK, approved to hire stand worker at $60 a day (Barret abstained from vote). Barret will request by-laws from Sports Complex and request review of new contract with Sardo and JT to assist.

Kelli to search for bids on paint machine

Motion to close coaching to one head coach role and one assistant, approved

Adjourn 7:47pm

June 8, 2017

New meeting, new board called to order 6:39pm.

Barrett nominates directors - Mike Kennedy accepted as Coach Coordinator, Safety Coordinator goes to Mike Sardo, Field Coordinator goes to Kelly Martin, Ref Coordinator JT Trombly.

Old Business

Remove HR position, add concession, 2 days short to vote. Benched.

2 committee idea presented:

Rules review - Mike Sardo heads up, target presentation July 25, 2017.

By law review, will work on over next few months.

Birth Cert. concern, Kaite to bring numbers.

Kaite Totten and Barrett Frantzen and Kaite Totten to become signers at Bandera Bank.

Next meeting Tues June 20 6:00, Sheila to ask BUMC

June 8, 2017

BYSO Meeting called to order 6:00pm

Minutes approved

Old business, order plaque for Legends donor. Barrett motioned, Travis second, approved.

Motion to write votes by Barrett, second by JT, not approved.


President: Clint and Tahnia nominated, Tahnia Olvera voted in.

VP - Travis Carlson and Barrett Frantzen nominated, Barrett Frantzen voted in.

Secretary- Sheila Knowles nominated and voted in.

Treasurer - Kaite Totten nominated and voted in.

Registrar - Bryant and Jennifer Trombly nominated, Jennifer voted in.

Adjourn 6:15pm

Bandera Youth Soccer Organization

P.O. Box 2003

Bandera, TX 78003