Bolder Boulder Quantum  Workshop

20 - 23 June 2023

University of Colorado Boulder

Koelbel Building, Room 352

Boulder, Colorado, USA

2023 BBQ Workshop

The Byron Bay Quantum (BBQ) Workshop took place in Boulder, Colorado, USA---hence, this year it was the Bolder Boulder Quantum Workshop.

BBQ Workshop YouTube Channel

Missed a BBQ 2023 talk? No worries! The talks are available on the Byron Bay Workshop YouTube Channel 

BBQ Workshop Philosophy

The BBQ Workshop is a focused workshop that brings together leading researchers and early career experts to discuss progress and solve problems in a specific area. Typically, the workshop is intentionally informal to encourage collaboration between participants. We can learn from each other and use our collective expertise to identify and solve interesting problems. 

The three primary goals of BBQ: 

The 2023 BBQ group photo.

2023 Focus: Bosonic Error-Correction & Novel Qubits

This year we're excited to bring together world experts on novel qubits and bosonic error-correcting codes.

Since the last BBQ Workshop, we've seen exciting advances in the field of continuous-variable quantum computation and bosonic error correcting codes, both theoretically and experimentally. Similarly, novel ways to encode, manipulate, and correct logical qubits have seen increasing theoretical and experimental attention. 

2023 Invited Speakers:

Scientific organizing committee:

Ben Baragiola, RMIT University

Josh Combes, The University of Colorado Boulder

‪Yvonne Gao, National University of Singapore

Arne Løhre Grimsmo, AWS Centre for Quantum Computing & The University of Sydney

Shruti Puri, Yale University


Mandelstam-Tamm uncertainty

Lose track of time because NIST is keeping track for you

Become a Climbon

A fundamental excitation of the |cliff> field is a climbon

Energy Landscapes

Study multi well potential  energy landscapes

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