Bryant Library

Summer Reading Activities

Bryant Library just subscribed to a great new resource for e-books and audiobooks. There are thousands of books available for download to Kindle readers, tablets, phones, computers, etc. If you are familiar with the Lewis and Clark Library's Overdrive service - this is the same product, just made for elementary students.

To access go to:

Choose Bryant School from the drop down menu
Username: student ID
Password: first and last initial (example: Joice Franzen = jf)

The Lewis and Clark library has put together some great summer reading activities. There are challenges, a reading calendar, activity packet and more. Check out their summer reading website for more information.

Other E-Book Options

If you are looking for reading material and have access to any technology - take a look at these resources. There are a ton of great books including characters are know and new favorites!

Use the "class codes" for your grade level and access thousands of books! There are fiction and informational choices, popular series & new favorites!

Only available Monday-Friday

Thousands of picture books and some chapter books too, all with read a loud function are on Tumblebooks.

Sit back, relax and listen to a free audio book. Audible has a selection of books perfect for K-5 students that are completely free right now. I just started Rivals! Frenemies Who Changed the World a funny take on historical fiction.

Download the Open E-Book app on a mobile device and then use your Clever login to access a ton of great books. You can download up to 10 books at a time and then you don't need internet access to read them.

The Lewis and Clark Library has several E-Book and audio book options.

Have a great summer! Enjoy reading!