Benjamin Walter Lee

About Me:

I’m a PhD Candidate at Washington State University interested in predator-prey interactions and disease ecology working with Dr. Dave Crowder. My research in the pea-enation mosaic virus (PEMV) pathosystem has focused on how aphid vectors’ anti-predator behaviors can affect rates of virus transmission on both individual and field scales. My current work seeks to identify the effects of diverse predator communities on anti-predator behaviors and disease transmission and how viruses themselves can manipulate the behaviors of infectious vectors. Other projects investigate interactions between pathogens, soil rhizobia, and non-vector herbivores, the effects of farming systems on global food security and socioeconomic status, and modelling contamination levels of insect pollinators with pharmaceuticals. I also helped found the Graduate and Professional Student Science Policy Initiative (GPSSPI) at WSU, aimed at providing science-policy focused networking, educational, and advocacy opportunities to graduate students.

Field cage set-up at Palouse Conservation Farm

Much needed break from fieldwork

Aphids attempting to hide during a predation experiment

Plant virus diagnostics


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