Badwater146 is not an event, not a race, it is a community oriented tradition, a pilgrimage path.

Badwater146 is incorporated as BW146 LLC to protect the Admins and everything.:: $25/year. We have a state trademark for "Badwater 146" in Colorado , that was about $300 (once ). The national trademark application was $1,000 but was rejected (once). We have several ( 6 so far ) domain names ::aprox $110/year

In 2018 we ordered another set of 25 buckles which was about $550. A few years ago we had some legal expenses of $1,200. So the budget is approximately (negative) -$1,800, but i paid up everything so i am restarting it in 2018. In general we have annual fees of about $135 for domains and LLC annual fee. And we have 24 buckles. left and maybe 35 patches.

18/10/04____+$100_____Mike Melton_____donation

18/10/04____+$18______Ray Zahab________donation


18/xx________-$90_______Bogie_____________web domains

18/xx________-$25_______Bogie_____________Co LLC annual fee