Guidelines Details

  1. "6am-11am start" --> See discussion on FB and Yahoo email group on 6/16/2014. A summary is on this page HERE
  2. Night start - The summer of 2015 was an exception because we could not change rules in the middle of the season. As of Spring 2016 we are not keeping track anymore of non TRUE Badwater 146 ( we do keep track of Unique Badwater crossings) More details HERE
  3. "One continuous uninterrupted effort" --> trying to avoid scenarios like doing part now and part next year, or doing 20 miles at a time every week over july and august
  4. Solo Self Contained --> Are umbrellas allowed ? Click HERE
  5. "Proof of start & Whitney Portal & Whitney Summit time" --> There is no set number of things, or precise things one should do. Every situation and person is different. It is your responsibility to gather as much proof as you want to persuade the people that did Badwater146 before you and the people on the Facebook/Yahoo groups, that you did what you claim you did. Most people had all of these: witnesses, satellite tracker, pictures of start, finish, gps watch to track your every step. Most people have a live GPS tracker ( mandatory) and at least another GPS, like a watch or Garmin 60CS.
  6. Your own live tracker- you're spending so much time, money, effort, so buy/ rent a live real time (eg GPS satellite) tracker ( not shared with other people)
  7. Use of supplemental oxygen and IVs --> It seems this would be unfair towards those that did Badwater146 in the past. And many (if not all) running races do not allow things like this.
  8. "Be a role model. Be legal. Obey all rules written or not written" --> Here are some examples. If many races ban certain things, then you can assume you are not allowed to do that. Like IVs, supplemental oxygen, illegal substances. Obey unwritten rules like do not litter. Be legal on the street as a pedestrian. Not intoxicated with drugs and alcohol.
  9. "Honor System" --> no one will "officially" monitor your crossing or enforce guidelines. It's your responsibility to persuade the people that did Badwater146 before you, that you did what you claim you did. And in a similar manner that most people ahead of you did it. Most people ahead of you experienced the heat in Death Valley, one continuous effort, no IVs, no supplemental oxygen, in order from lowest to highest, it was a personal challenge, they used their own feet ... aso
  10. Announce & document --> announce in advance ( not too early not too late ) so people can remember and follow you. After the crossing email as attachments on the Admin list, original unmodified pictures ( since all digital cameras have specific embedded info) and original unmodified GPS files, original because we will do forensics analysis, Sign the Whitney book, and take pictures with your signature. Send crew email addresses. If you have witnesses on the trail or at the Whitney summit.
  11. If you are concerned and you do not want to make public your exact crossing date, you must email the exact crossing date to, along with a solid, logical reason on why you want an exception. You still need to make your gps tracker public well in advance of your crossing.
  12. Athletic proven track record - detailed discussion HERE