1. the 70% is kind of empirical ( greater than 2/3rds ) to allow for a small number of NO-es
    1. For example if 11 Admins vote (11*70%=7.7) so you can pass with 8 Yes-es
    2. If 13 Admins vote 13*70%=9.1 so you need at least 10 Yes-es
  2. Why do you allow for No-es and you do not require 100% Yes-es ?
    1. one example is if an Admin is compromised because his spouse or friend does the crossing
    2. another example if one Admin does not like/trust a BW146 crosser
    3. yet another example is when the Admins debate because there are "issues" with the Guidelines which are not perfect or 100% comprehensive
    4. Another example would be when one Admin is much more strict than other Admins ( for example if you have a crosser with little ultra running experience ... one Admin could think doing a road marathon is enough experience and other Admin could think you need more ... again these are just examples )
  3. Should we add more/another Admin Rule and that Admin Rule ( like head Admins ) and so forth ?
    1. my goal was to have the absolute minimum nr or rules
    2. But sometimes we must add new Admin Rules so please speak up
  4. What if a friend/spouse/relative/coached athlete of one of the Admins does the crossing , should he/she vote ?
    1. i think all admins are beyond reproach
    2. In the remote case where one of the Admins is compromised , there are plenty of other Admins to override him/her and say No
  5. How does one become an Admin ?
    1. there is no set rule so far ( we are trying to avoid yet another rule)
    2. In general you get involved, you learn the guidelines, you volunteer, you express interest , then the current Admins vote
    3. I am also guessing there is an optimal nr of Admins, otherwise with too many or too few Admins, the discussions could get complicated ( imagine 13 Admins and each sending 3-4 emails, that is 40-50 back and forth emails , that is a lot )
    4. I am also guessing that adding new Admins will be based on the needs BW146 will have at that point in time
  6. How many Admins is too little or too much ?
    1. I do not know ... we never got there
  7. Do you have adequate female representation on your admins ?
    1. The Admins never discusses having an adequate representation from a legal point of view ... adequate gender ( male, female) representation, adequate representation of different ethnic backgrounds, people of different skin colors ... and so on