Our Mission

The purpose of Blackstone Valley India Society is to unite and organize the Indian community in the New England area with the goal of preserving its cultural heritage. In addition, the organization aims to encourage its members to extend charitable efforts for the service of the local community.

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BVIS is proud to announce its Garbha event on October 12th in Grafton High School from 7 PM onwards. More details to follow. Stay tuned

On Dec 9th 2017 , BVIS community turned out to enjoy a much needed, beautiful, joyful festive environment in Grafton High School to celebrate our Diwali Event for 2017. The goal was to promote entertain, carry our Indian culture through cultural events . We wanted to bring all the possible Indian community together with such events. We strive tirelessly to improve the experience the guests have. The event was, once again, a great success, and we hope all participants enjoyed it as much as we did. Thank you all see you in the next event.

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