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People from every background are struggling to attain financial freedom. The current economy is unpredictable and volatile. Investors have lost money in the stock market and on other ventures. American Gold Eagles are a viable way to attain financial freedom. Gold bullion is comparably stable, making it one of the leading ways to preserve wealth.

Better than Depending on the Dollar

The value of the US dollar continues to go down. People realize they cannot buy as much for their money today as they did last year. This trend is ongoing with no end in sight. Savings accounts offer minimal or virtually no interest. Depending on the dollar has been disappointing for many people.

The Value of Gold Holds Strong

American Gold Eagles are guaranteed by the United States Mint. They are available in four weights and denominations. The most popular is the 1-ounce coin with a legal tender value of $50. This 22-karat coin is rarely used for daily purchases. It is unlikely that a clerk would even recognize a gold coin except in times of crisis. The actual value of these coins is based on the market value of gold rather than their face value. It is far better than relying on currency that plummets in value.

American Gold Eagles Represent Freedom

American Gold Eagles are minted from gold mined in the United States. They are an integral part of the American financial market. They also represent freedom with a reverse design featuring eagles and an obverse design showing Lady Liberty. These artistic images capture the spirit of America and the ideals it stands for.

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Buying Gold Online Saves Time and Hassle

This same feeling of freedom is even stronger for investors. American Gold Eagles are available for competitive prices from reputable online dealers. The online buying process is convenient, secure and simple. Some investors participate in a monthly plan to purchase gold bullion on a regular basis. There are purchase plans available for buyers on any budget.

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Gold Coins for Collectors

Some people strive to attain financial freedom and even profit from precious metal investing. It takes highly specialized knowledge and remarkably good timing to profit from rare or unique coins, but investing in straight gold bullion near the world spot price is a much safer approach.

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American Eagle Proofs

The U.S. Mint produces a proof version of American Gold Eagles. These special gold coins are made at the West Point Mint in New York. They have a “W” under the date, which is the mint’s mark. Collectible proof American Gold Eagles come in a special casing with a certificate of authenticity. But if you stick with standard issue coins, you’ll get more gold for your money. American Gold Eagles also make excellent gifts.

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