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What to Know When Purchasing Contacts Online

Like most products these days, more and more people are purchasing their Contact Lenses Online. The selection of manufacturers is wider than physical optical laboratories and retailers. The pricing is substantially lower for the same lenses. The convenience of having lenses delivered to the doorstep is wonderful.

Do Research First

There are multiple websites that offer cheap contact lenses. Research into sites is wise to be assured that cheap pricing does not mean low-quality lenses. Counterfeit lenses, or knock-offs from scam artists will end up costing more money when real lenses have to be purchased. They can also be harmful to the eyes. If eyes begin to get irritated, see the eye doctor as soon as possible to determine whether the issues is the lenses or the eyes.

Look for a company that has conducted e-commerce business for ten years or more. That is not to imply that companies with less years in business are not legitimate. Sometimes is just takes a few years to catch up to scam sites and shut them down. New wearers, for example, have no previous experience so they might not even realize at first that the lenses are not quite right.

Compare Shipping Costs

Shipping costs vary immensely between sites so the difference can be significant. Any savings enjoyed on the purchase price of the order may be considerably less when shipping is added at checkout. Ideally, a site that offers free shipping is the best choice. The next preferred choice is flat rate shipping. Some sites may have a rewards program for repeat orders, or advertise special offers throughout the year.

Enter the Prescription Carefully

People with a scanner can simply scan the prescription directly to the website. Those who have to enter information manually need to take the time to double check all entries before placing the order. The slightest mistake can render the shipped product useless. If the mistake is made at the site, they will typically send out the right ones free of charge. If they fill the as entered, the customer will have to cover the cost of correcting the problem.

Make sure the prescription is no more than two years old. If glasses were tried first and customers want to switch to contacts, a prescription over two years may be inaccurate. Eyes change more as people age so what worked at age thirty may not work at age thirty-five. It does not have to be expensive to take care of the eyes.