BUUF's Wish List Sign-Up

Thank you for volunteering to keep BUUF in tip-top shape! Please follow these steps to sign up:

  1. Review the Wish List below and select one or more tasks to help out with (the more the better!).
  2. Complete and submit the BUUF's Wish List Form below to indicate which task(s) you intend to help out with. This form will go to the Fellowship Administrator who will then fill in your contribution on the Wish List within 7 days.
  3. Once you have completed an item, notify the Fellowship Administrator who will then update the Wish List. Thank you!

Instructions: Scroll through the list below to view all wish list items. Items shaded in gray have already been completed. Notate which items you intend to help out with along with their location. For example, "cut back low hanging tree branches on the East Side." You will then submit this information in the form below. Having trouble viewing the Wish List on your phone? Click on the document to open in a new window for easier viewing.

BUUF Wish List 2018