Enter the Butt

What's this mean? July belongs to butts: January was cruelty, April was gentleness, and July is all about butts. (Undersquid came up with the name. It cracks her up, no pun intended.)

So it's another writing contest, yes it is. This time, all writers will create short stories within the size-fetish realm, where the focus is upon the derriere. Whether this is tiny people exploring a normal-sized butt or a giant person inflicting their butt upon the world, or something else entirely, that's up to the writers, but the action or the setting or the plot itself has to center on butts. Feel up to the challenge?

This is kind of a silly topic, I know, but that's what makes it a challenge. Gentle writers tightened up their guts to produce cruel stories in January, and cruel writers held down their bile long enough to generate a gentle story in April. This is what serious writers do: they explore their boundaries and learn their capabilities. There's nothing wrong with bowing out when the topic is not in your realm of interest, but some writers take this opportunity to flex their creative muscles in a new application.

I expect there will be a lot of bowing-out. Not everyone's into butts, I know. But for those who choose to push themselves, this could be magical.

And ultimately, the idea is just to have fun with this. There are no prizes, there's no press release: it's just a bunch of writers in friendly competition with each other (and themselves) to produce a credible work and see how they rate. The judges, of course, are anyone who sees the notice to read the stories and evaluate them, so it's a mix of the writers themselves and random passers-by.

Note: There is no specific topic selected for October—it will be open to a vote in September. Think about that.


Some have expressed an interest in the learning, in advance, the categories by which the stories will be judged. I think that's reasonable: your story zigs, and then you discover the questions zag? That's no fun. So here's what we're going to be looking at:

  • Which story was the sexiest, the silliest, the least-attractive about butts?
  • Which story changed your mind about butts?
  • Which was most engaging, or the least satisfying?
  • Which story best embodied ButtyJuly17, and which missed the point?

If you want to recommend some evaluation categories, message @SizeRiot on Twitter to do so.