More Information about Free Butoh School Happenings in the Jungle

We will co-create with all involved. I do not control, I am just initiating, I will hold the space and I will make sure that every weekday there is a 2 to 3 hour class.

All tasks will be co-organised and co-created by all who are there. Food is bought locally and prepared together. We have inside or outside kitchen/fire place. Water will be available, filtered drinking water can be gotten at the village close by.

Sleeping places will be in the central dance hall, and there are 4 very tiny huts. Besides that there is plenty of space to put up your own tent. BRING YOUR TENT!

There is a shower area with two toilets and a wood operated water heater.

Anyone who wants more comfort could rent a room with one of the local people, at walking distance. Think about 200 Rp per day.

You can get to the Free Butoh School at the Antz Farm by taking a train or bus to Tumkur and there taking a local bus or auto rickshaw to the village.

There are limited seats for this project and you can reserve yours by informing us about the time you'll join and upon acceptance paying the fee for using the space to our paypal account (

Find the Free Butoh School Durgadahalli on

The climate will be very nice, around 25 C during the day. Nights can be a bit chilly so bring some nice sweater.

Some mattresses and blankets will be available but it is advisable to bring your own sleeping gear if possible.

Same story about a plate, cup, fork, spoon and knife. Bring your own if you can.

When you have still questions, please mail us at