Yukio Waguri

"From my teacher Tatsumi, I learned that it is important to ask and reflect on the human being. In Japan we lost the identity of being Japanese and my teacher initiated an investigation through the butoh to respond to it. "

According to Yukio, butoh fu is a discipline in which images and words are associated, "this concatenation ends in a transformation. In all countries there are different ways to keep track of what is happening. Butoh fu is characterized by word and transformation. "

Yukio Waguri says that in butoh fu dance there must be research, then come to transformation, to know what is the human being and what is humanity, although he maintains that the discipline in which he works is a method:

"What it is to be human, I do not know, it is an investigation through the body, the dance. What is the body, in Buddhism is an illusion, is not real, and what is reality, the dream, the visible, the invisible, everything becomes an investigation between body and dance.

The choreographer declares that he does not use the words to explain his dance and that in 1972 in the studio of Tatsumi Hijikata he saw a poster that caused him laughter and interest while his teacher asked him what the role of the dancer was:

"The butoh dancer is a person who gives massage because it absorbs the venom of the audience, and the audience relaxes, but the dancer is filled with that poison and the dancer also needs to learn to heal himself through the dance and return To the stage to return to purify through its presence ".

The Japanese artist believes that the real stage is not the theater or the seats, but his body, so to understand the implications of butoh, the conference will share some videos, part of the Hijikata archive, as well as one of his creations, Since throughout its trajectory it has had functions in cabarets:

"In the cabaret I learned not to be afraid of different types of scenarios. On the other hand, how can we make our body, we have forgotten about it. A bad teacher only teaches to climb, a good teacher teaches to climb and descend. "

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