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right now

(until October)

daily practice

Every day, Monday till Friday, when the weather is nice, we organize a morning practice at or around the

Urban Gym in Zuiderpark

Please email for details:

weekly happening

Wednesday/Woensdag 19:00

Butoh Speel Tuin

(Butoh Playground)

Honza's garden, Wielewaal.

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regular events

Regularely we organize butoh-jams, butoh-shoots and happenings.

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The Free Butoh School collaborates with the Samsara Festival in Hungary.

The Free Butoh Team


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Join us in the Jungle...

October-November 2018

Durgadahalli, India

call for participants...

Together with Umesh Damaruga the Free Butoh School organizes a two week workshop and residency 7 until 21 October 2018 in a small village near Tumkur.

We will work together with local performers and musicians.

There is space for a few non-local participants, when interested please contact us at

Nothing In The Desert this year....

December 2017

the Arava, Israel

Join us in the Jungle...

January -- March 2019

Durgadahalli, India