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Business Ready Inc provides accurate and reliable accounting and business applications designed for professional users.


Books Ready

Our flagship project. Books Ready is an Accounting Software designed specifically for Accountants and Bookkeepers. Built to prepare books for business and accounting projects without the steep cost or complexity of enterprise software.

Key Features of the Application

  • CSV Bank Data Import

  • Reconciliation of Any Account

  • Multiple Cost Code Categories

  • Standard Financial Reports - Income Statement, Balance Sheet & General Ledger

  • Shared User Management

  • Work Anywhere - Browser Application with Cloud Based Data Storage

  • Designed with the Accounting Firm & Client relationship in mind

Development Schedule

  • Alpha Testing for use in January 2021

  • Beta users go live in July 2021

  • Books Ready goes live for all users January 2022

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The Philosophy of Books Ready

Books Ready is designed at the core to be an accounting ledger software. It is not designed to do invoicing, billing, track inventory, process payroll or the numerous other business functions that have been integrated, most would say poorly, into other accounting applications. Most accounting functions are industry and business specific. A one size fits all application is unrealistic for many businesses and results in overpriced and unreliable software. Books Ready is designed so that future applications and your current favorite ones will integrate and simply send those transactions to Books Ready. Creating a business eco system of only services that you need designed specifically for the professionals who use them. Your sales team should not need to know the difference between an asset and an income account to create invoices. Your accountant should not have to manage your invoices to fix your accounting. These applications should be designed around the intended users and work independently, while sharing only the data needed to integrate.

The Future of Books Ready.

Books Ready will continue to improve upon it functionality without diluting its performance. We strive to improve the efficiency of data entry and collection. Continue to create useful data driven report features. Cultivate the management and relationship of the professional Accounting user and Business user. Seek out integrations with current and future applications to build an integrated business and professional community.

Future Projects

In no particular order, these are some of the future projects we are looking to build as stand alone applications that will integrate with Books Ready. These will be developed by demand and need from our customer base. This list may change from time to time. We may even abandon some of these projects if we find an existing application that meets the needs of professionals and instead focus on integrating it with Books Ready. We only want to develop products that provide an unmet need to our users.

  • Sales Ready - Stand alone or integrated application for Sales Professionals.

  • Payables Ready - Stand alone or integrated application for Accounting and Admin professionals.

  • Payroll Ready - Stand alone or integrated application for Accounting/HR Professionals.

  • Property Ready - Stand alone or integrated application for Real Estate Professionals.

  • Law Ready - Stand alone or integrated application for Law Professionals management of escrow & trust.

  • Project Ready - Stand alone or integrated application for Project Managers.

  • 1099 Ready - Stand alone or integrated application for filing 1099s.

  • Tax Ready - Stand alone or integrated application for filing tax returns.