The following are active members who are available for performances.

Mike Abler

Mike Abler started playing guitar in the mid sixties and picked up banjo years later before he left Virginia for Vermont in 2008. Mike has become a writer of soft ballads and romantic love songs. His style reflects his long interest in folk and country music.

Craig Anderson

Craig Anderson, lives in Shelburne, Vermont. He has played music all his life, beginning as a child singing with his family. He plays guitar and sings with several bands in the area. For 15 years he was a guitar maker, building custom acoustic guitars.

Joni AvRutick

Joni AvRutick is a singer-songwriter and educator. Along with her folk rock adult set, she performs locally for children and families with Gigi Weisman. Their CD "In A Tree," includes 15 of Joni's originals.

Jason Baker

Jason Baker is a songwriter & performer from Burlington, Vermont. Jason started writing songs in 2017, and performing in 2018, releasing his debut, “America Dreams”. On his new album, “Common Man Blues”, Jason continues to write songs influenced by the deep roots of old-time & acoustic music, yet modern in lyrical perspective.

2019 New England Music Awards Nominee for "Best in Vermont"

Nov/Dec American Songwriter Magazine Lyric Contest Honorable Mention for the song "Christmastime Blues"

Denny Bean

Denny is a Vermont singer/songwriter who has been playing for 40 years. He has frequented open mic’s around the state for the last 11. Offering largely, folk-oriented music, Denny covers many artists, but plays his originals as well. Recently, Denny and Bob Devins have joined forces and complimentary skills.

"A Montreal Paul"

Paul Beaulieau

Paul is a singer-songwriter who plays psychedelic-inflected acoustic ditties on guitar and ukulele.

Tim Berry

Drawing on the drive, swing and bend of roots styles from country blues and early jazz to country, bluegrass and folk, Jericho VT songwriter Tim Berry welcomes listeners into a lyrical world inhabited by anxious snowmen stuck out in the sun, a rather abandoned feeling planet Pluto caught too far from that same sun, young farmers cursing cloudless skies, blue skies hiding behind clouds the sun can’t burn away, and other common concerns. He also plays the fiddle, but that's another story.

Peter Bingham

Peter Matthias Bingham is a pediatric neurologist who, for the last 12 years, loosened his grip on his classical guitar to write his own songs. He works at the local medical center, and is looking for ways to bring music into the medical “repertoire” for healing. Searching for the scales that will carry the words, he changes the tunings on his guitar a lot. For Pete, music is a way of holding on to intention, the best of what the heart wants. His songs can be found in Spotify (“Feet Down”) and cDBaby.

Shane Bowley &Janice Russotti

Janice & Shane write folk songs that both entertain and highlight social issues. Whether about politics, opiate addiction, or love, their music touches the heart and tickles the funny bone. They've appeared at the Statehouse, schools, strawberry festivals, weddings, and more.

Kathryn Blume

Kathryn Blume has spent her life singing everything from madrigals to Balkan music, and has the fabulous folk pedigree of her grandfather having been the OBGYN who delivered Arlo Guthrie. Look for her singing tight harmonies and jamming on the mandolin with the Julie Winn Band.

Rick Bunning

Rick Bunning is a self-taught singer-songwriter from Essex, VT whose songs are inspired by life lessons, the world around him, and the vulnerabilities of the human condition. Rick was a finalist in the Advance Music/104.7 FM The Point singer songwriter contest of 2016 and continues to hone his craft to this day.

Stefani Capizzi

Unleashing a blend of soul, country, blues, and folk favorites with her guitar and bluesy vocals, Stefani Capizzi plays a mixture of songs, including original creations that will leave you pondering life, love, and bittersweet truths.

Anton Cole

Anton Cole is a life-long guitarist, singer, songwriter offering original music, involving life, love and social consciousness. Anton's music brings together elements of rock, reggae, folk and blues.

Born and raised in Vermont, Anton was founding member of 90's touring group, Uproot. Most recent project was Oregon based trio, Rainwalkers.

Now performing with his two sons...

  • Ethon Cole- Bass guitar,
  • Aaron Cole- Hand drums and vocals.

Seth Cronin

Seth Cronin is a songwriter born and raised in Vermont. In 2014, he released Why Ships Sink with the Red River Outlaws in Tennessee, exploring folk, outlaw country, and gypsy jazz. Returning to Vermont in 2015, he formed the band Sputoola to create a unique mixture of Funk, Psychedelic Rock, Jazz and Folk. Sputoola's debut single Pale Blue Dot is available on all streaming platforms.

Joe Delaney

Joe sings, writes music, plays both 6 & 12 string guitar & plays keyboards. You can hear Joe Delaney on the Soundcloud website. His music has been heard in over 100 countries with thousands of hits.

Kip de Moll

Author of “Zen & the Art of the Midlife Crisis”, Kip de Moll sings songs of loving life and the pursuit of happiness, following dreams, and living authentically. His vibrant sets include tales of whales, shooting stars, and the importance of integrity. He’s toured Vermont and appeared on the legendary stage of New York’s Bitter End. By day, he poses as the owner of a small construction company.

Bob Devins

Bob is a multi-instrumentalist focusing mostly on acoustic guitar and six-string banjo these days. Bob takes his inspiration from Maritime picking songs to Neil Young to Jerry Garcia to Jackson Browne. “I try to write songs about what I observe around me, and as I get older, songs from the heart.” Bob’s music can be found at:

Grace Engler

My musical journey started with a single poem I wrote while roaming around my old backyard. I had just started learning the guitar, and knew 4 chords. The same 4 chords that composed my first song, "yesterday's mistakes". I was in 5th grade, and it was my father's 40th birthday. We threw a huge party and a friend of ours had a band that played. Later that night, that friend sat down with me and we dissected my poem. After an hour or so of rearranging and singing, "yesterday's mistakes" was born. I fell in love with the freedom and craft of songwriting. And with the support and love of family and friends, I was able to continue and never stopped.

Kirk Flannagan

Kirk has been writing and performing songs since he was a teenager in rural Vermont. After high school he moved to the big city of Burlington for the music scene. His main band at the time was Screaming Broccoli. Over the years, he's played and written punk, bluegrass, country, indie, and rock. He plays in the Burlington and greater Vermont area with his own band, Happy Spangler, as well as Barbacoa, Lowell Thompson and as a solo artist.

Happy Spangler

John Gibbons

John has roots in Old Time Country, Bluegrass, and Folk. His songs reflect these influences as he accompanies his songs with Flat picking and Fingerstyle guitar. He released a CD in 2009 that Seven Days called “another fine addition to Vermont’s expanding catalogue of High Quality Americana releases”.

Michael Hahn Trio

Songwriters Michael Hahn and Sid Gulick perform regularly in Michael Hahn Trio with cellist John Pheiffer. Sid Gulick, a retired nuclear physicist from McGill University in Quebec, plays guitar and sings lead vocals and backing vocals. John Pheiffer earned a performance degree in cello from Cleveland. Michael Hahn majored in Arranging and Composition at the Berklee College of Music, then performed for decades with popular dance bands, including Hornbeam; Don’t Call Betty; Hoochie Lombardo; Whetstone and Ten Mile Shuffle Band. Michael Hahn Trio performs a diverse variety of rock, country, blues, reggae and folk music.

Guy Henderson

Guy is a fabulous guitarist with a willingness to support other songwriters. It turns out he has some very interesting music of his own to share.

Dan Hibbs

Dan Hibbs draws inspiration from artists like Bob Dylan, Rising Appalachia, and Beth Orton. In his songwriting, he fuses elements of jazz, folk, and blues. He also writes and performs with Band of the Land, an acoustic trio that will be releasing a new album in June of 2019.

Dan Holtz

Dan Holtz is a singer/songwriter who lives in Colchester, VT. His music is catchy, original rock 'n roll with a vintage vibe. Dan is a multi-instrumentalist who writes songs that borrow from the blues, country, rock and pop. He's putting together a live, electric band called Dan Holtz & The Buckinghams to play area clubs next year.

Donna Joerg

Donna's most recent intentions with songwriting and performance include a Busker's venue from North Island, New Zealand to the Great Western Mountain States of or own country. In State and National Parks, on small town street corners, her lyrics, in a traditional Folk style, capture deeply and sincerely, the People, Places, and Current Events that preserve our History, record our Present and part the way for a hopeful Future.

Kaomi Kingsley

When most teenagers were sneaking out for a smoke, Kaomi Kingsley was sneaking in to play the piano. A songwriter since 16, Kaomi played with the band, “Sugar Moon” . She’s gaining recognition on her own as a thoughtful, eclectic, hometown songstress with a unique perspective and gorgeous voice. Check out her recently released EP.

Karen Knaebel

with Messenger

Messenger’s original country / pop music style speaks of God’s healing transformation of the human experience through faith and trust.

Ron Lawrence

Ron Lawrence has been the lead singer and songwriter for the Jericho Road Crew since 1988. The Road Crew plays music that speaks to real-life issues through the lens of Christian faith. The music is always full of fun, harmonies and hope, lofty lyrics and love.

Ted LeBlanc with BBB

A trio spanning gypsy jazz, swing, country, folk and anything which presents as ear candy.

Karen McFeeters

Karen McFeeters, a native of St. Albans, Vermont, emerged on the local music scene in 2000. Since then, she has been performing her original contemporary folk/pop music in venues throughout Vermont. She has produced three CDs, two of which were chosen by local media as the best singer/songwriter releases by Vermont artists.

Robin Reid

The tunes of Robin Reid aka Talking Lake put a quirky spin on sin and greed and love and need and other mundane human traits plus joy and sadness.

She wonders how these licks and lyrics drop into her head and describes her music as Americana roots with broody pop undertones.

Patti Shannon

Freelance electric/acoustic bassist, rhythm guitar, lead and harmony vocalist, BMI affiliated songwriter.

Tyler Smith

Tyler Smith writes songs full of poignancy, hope, and the shared human experience.

John Smyth

John Smyth has poured his heart into song, weaving stories and portraits of a life where innocence is hard to find, and harder to hold onto. He has played hundreds of open mics, coffeehouses, libraries, and bookstores. With a tender but striking voice, and heartfelt lyrics, John provides an inspiring and mellow mood that is sure to lend depth to your evening.

Joe Speers

Joe “Cool” Speers started playing live music in the early 1990's and by the turn of the Millennium he had been down to New Orleans , up to Whistler, B.C., and back jamming all styles. When not playing music, Joe captures other Vermont musicians in virtual reality for #VTVR. Recently “Joe Cool & The K.G.B.” has been live broadcasting his weekly live looping multi-instrumentalist show in virtual reality on YouTube each Sunday 3-5.

Ian Steinberg

Ian “has a voice that rings with the collective legacy of American music.” (Krister Axel of CHILLFILTR) Classically trained and heavily influenced by the folk styles of The Tallest Man on Earth and Joni Mitchell, Ian combines dynamic and agile acoustic guitar with lyrics imbued with love and nostalgia, burnished by his New England upbringing. Born from the campfire and the conservatory, Ian delivers a nuanced and invigorating show whether he's in a concert hall or your living room. Ian will wrap you in song and leave you wandering in his storytelling.

Unruly Allies

In Unruly Allies, a group of Vermont-based musicians with diverse musical tastes and strong friendship, comes together to play an array of choice folk/rock cover tunes and an occasional original song or two. The group features Stacy Raphael (Hardscrabble) and Walter Poleman on guitars and vocals, Keith Burt (Set Theory) on keyboards, Sam Hooker on percussion and accordion, and Jom Hammack (The Brevity Thing, Milton Busker and the Grim work) on mandolin, guitar and vocals.

Mike Walker

Mike Walker plays mandolin in styles ranging from old-time Appalachian to swing standards from the 30s and 40s. He also plays tenor guitar, accordion and piano.

Julie Winn

Julie Winn is an artist, musician and a long-time resident of the Burlington area. Her music has been described as clever, emotional, and soulful. She is a singer/songwriter and long-time social justice activist who has been performing off an on around New England for years.

"Winn relies on classic folk and blues composition as a platform for her radiant voice and reverent lyricism. Loyal to the classic folk form, Winn uses repetitive phrasing to frame lyrics that are easy to sing along with and remember."

- Seven Days