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“We’re just a burger company, standing in front of a prospective employee, asking you to love us.”

Firstly, we’re already chuffed that you’re considering working with us. Being curious types, now we’d like to know more – which is, fittingly and not by chance, how we came to be who we are today (our first core value being a question, namely, “Is there a better way?”).

Here is your opportunity to tell us what it was that brought you to our door, and why we’d be crazy not to ask you to walk on through! Because once you do, we’ll be fully committed to you, and we’ll expect your commitment to us in return. Anyone can apply for a job, but we’re not looking for just anyone!

Hospitality is fast-paced and high pressure, with lots of moving parts. It can be stressful, frustrating, occasionally trying, often exhilarating. What drives you to want to be a part of such an environment, and can you commit to being at the disposal of guests and fellow crew alike?

A caring disposition is key, and makes up our core values 2 and 3 – that we are generous with our time and thoughtful in our actions, in every situation. Think about your own experiences dining out – when has a meal stood out, and what made it that way?

Values 4, 5 and 6? Be bold, act in good faith, act in good humour. Do you do the right thing, even if no one is watching? Are you there for your friends and your family when they need you? Are you prepared to learn, work hard, remain calm and have fun all at the same time?

These are the things we hope to see in our team. Of course, everyone wears many different hats these days and has many roles to play, but it pays to give each of these our all. When your BT hat is on, you’ll be doing what you can to make BT great, because a strong BT rewards us all :)

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