How To Be A Playboy And Have Women Begging To Sleep With You


To become a playboy that can attract any woman is one of the wildest dreams that every man always desire about. But it can all become a reality if you know what things that you can do so as to get women begging to sleep with you.

The key point to get a woman attracted to you is that you need to become an alpha man, who is able to create ATTRACTION. If you want to stand a chance to bed that gorgeous girl in the club, it all starts from creating attraction. Without attraction, she will not get turn on by you, and will never ever have the intention to sleep with you.

Now, let me share with you some effective ways so get women to sleep with you easily:

1. Be an alpha male. You need to be confident in whatever you do and show that you are not intimidated by women. Women love men who are in control. Therefore, if you want to create attraction, you present yourself smart and speak confidently. If you wish to hook out with a very gorgeous woman, the trick here is to treat her as any other women out there, so as to make her feel that you are not easily intimidated by her. She will then feel that you are different from most other guys out there and immediately put you in an advantage to create attraction.

2. Do not be seemed as desperate. For the start, put sex out of the picture and do not talk about it during your conversation with her. Women do not want a man who wants only sex rather a man who wants both relationship and sex. If she feels horny and attracted to you, she will start the sexual conversation and you can then lead her on from there.

3. Be decisive and hard to get. Do not be a YES man when you are with women. Always try to say NO, and play hard to get when deemed necessary. Women do not like guys who are too submissive. By being hard to deal with, she will think that you are someone who is rare and would really consider getting into bed with you.

How skillful are you in bed to make your woman achieves the best orgasm that she ever had? What do women actually want from you in bed?


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