Bulletproof Diesel

A Simple Way to Make a 6.0 Liter Power Stroke Engine More Reliable

Even a well-designed, highly regarded diesel engine can sometimes use a bit of improvement. Ford's 6.0 liter Power Stroke engine has become accepted as one of the best to grace that long lineage. At the same time, a few persistent issues have dragged down its reliability more than many owners would like.

Given how many 6.0 liter Power Strokes are still on the road, it should be clear that all such problems can be overcome. The Fully Bulletproof Diesel Package includes all the parts needed to put a 6.0 liter Power Stroke right, whatever the situation.

Some Ford Buyers Were Forced to Confront an Unpleasant Surprise

When the 6.0 liter Power Stroke was first announced, some Ford fans were aghast. Giving up well over a liter of displacement compared to the engine's predecessor, many believed, could only detract from performance.

Those concerns were put to rest and then some when Ford thereafter revealed that the smaller, tidier new Power Stroke would actually outperform the retiring one in every possible respect. While Ford's most loyal followers were quickly persuaded on this count, reports regarding a lack of reliability started to crop up soon after the new generation of trucks hit dealerships.

A Full Selection of Parts Chosen to Shore Up All the Known Weaknesses

Fortunately, it has since become well understood just what a 6.0 liter Power Stroke needs to achieve Ford's legendary levels of diesel reliability. The bulletproof diesel package that so many owners choose and install includes a variety of parts like:

Head gaskets. When head gaskets fail or even degrade significantly, a noticeable loss of compression will almost always follow. Replacing the stock 6.0 liter Power Stroke gaskets with upgraded ones or even a fresh set of Ford parts will eliminate such issues in every case.

Exhaust gas recycling cooler. The exhaust gas recycling system, or EGR, found in the 6.0 liter Power Stroke is a common source of trouble, as well. In most cases where problems arise, it will be the EGR cooler that extracts heat from the exhaust, condensing it, which is the issue.

With many other parts also being included, the bulletproof 6.0 liter Power Stroke kit makes for a simple way to address the most obvious flaws in a popular engine. That is especially important for owners who hope to extract more performance from their trucks, as any upgrades will stress the engine in ways that installing a package like this will accommodate.